Another dopey Halloween panic
Dracula goes interactive in a new luxury edition
Modern Panic: art as provocation
The Death of Art
Red Shoes, Beef Hearts And Hard Gore In Okinawa Electric Girl Saya’s New Video
Rock ‘n’ Roll and Korean classics – London gets film festival fever in November
Sid Haig 1939 – 2019
Seven Inches of Satanic Panic from Ghost
Hi, How Are You? The World of Daniel Johnston 1961 – 2019
Open Your Eyes to David Hasselhoff’s media pollution
Carol Lynley 1942 – 2019
Taken by the Tingleverse
Mayhem is coming in October
Porn Star Martinis and the Booze Police
Bella Thorne’s visionary porn film
The last of the Wild Angels – Peter Fonda 1940 – 2019
Stereotypically stupid: the ASA’s latest slice of lunacy
Put Your Weight On It! The ‘Dolemite Is My Name’ trailer
MC Devvo and the past coming back to haunt you
More Throbbing Gristle reports on vinyl
Soldier of Orange: remembering Rutger Hauer
Paul Krassner 1932 – 2019
Death of a Pornographer – a new graphic novel set in the Soho sex industry
Plastic Fantastic: the Bowie Barbie
João Gilberto 1931 – 2019
Carry On Hyping
The Antichrist soundtrack LP is coming
Japanese metal fest coming to London
Verifiably Stupid – the UK porn block’s latest failure
Peter Whitehead 1937 – 2019
A Difficult, Brilliant Life: Roky Erikson 1947 – 2019
The BFI inherit Christopher Lee’s photo archive
Doris Day 1922 – 2019
Progressive Porn vs Regressive Feminists
Lady Geraldine’s Communication Breakdown
Fall in love again with The Blue Angel in British cinemas
Charlie Says ‘who needs another Manson movie?’
London’s strip club wars
David Lynch in Manchester
Hail Satan? The Satanic Temple documentary gets a trailer
Vote for the Sexual Freedom Awards
Hellboy enters the beer world
Blood and Rockets – The Claypool Lennon Delirium’s musical tales of Jack Parsons
Satan wants you to attend the Heavy Psych Sounds Festival
The UK authorities finally accept that kinky sex is not obscene
The Jodorowsky controversy: context matters
AVN Awards 2019
Juice Campbell vs the Army of Dankness – Brew York’s Evil Dead flavoured beer
Smoke and Mirrors – The Psychology of Magic at The Wellcome Museum
Robert Kerman 1947 – 2018
Bernardo Bertolucci 1941 – 2018
Nicolas Roeg 1928 – 2018
Stan Lee 1922 – 2018
You May be Pretty but I am Beautiful – The Adrian Street documentary creeps closer to release
Hardy Fox 1945 – 2018
The Satanic Temple vs Sabrina
Flying Dog Brewery stand up to the beer censors
Venom – the Venom XXX parody
Stanley Kubrick exhibition comes to the UK
That’s the Way Sasha Grey and PIG like it
Lindsay Kemp RIP
Fakir Musafar RIP
Nicolas Winding Refn’s ByNWR launches
The Onania Club teaser
Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson perform Helter Skelter
Second batch of Throbbing Gristle reissues unveiled
Jacques Rivette’s The Nun returns to UK cinemas
Now you can get an LP made of coffee, because why not?
The BFI’s Arcadia Collection
Photographia Erotica Historia
Adam Parfrey, Feral House publisher, has died
Babymetal’s new single – Distortion
Satan Superstar lives!
Hail Satan! The Satan Superstar launch party and The Dark Arts Fayre
Satan Superstar – the video
Sotheby’s Erotic Art auction 2018
So gay! Hunter’s astonishing queer anthem
The Dancing Moods of Ben Ridley
Nikolas Schreck talks the Charles Manson Conspiracy in London
Get the demented chamber pop film music of David E. Williams for free

France declares De Sade a National Treasure
William Shatner covers The Cramps
Why Sainsbury’s own brand vinyl is a great idea
“I have such sights to show you… in my pants”: X-rated Hellraiser spoof Cockraiser
The Church of the SubGenius documentary is coming
Elvira’s Sexy Witch perfume
The Samhain Dark Arts Fayre
Hugh Hefner RIP
Meet Johann Sebastian Punk
Pinky! Pinky! The Idol Formerly Known As Ladybaby’s Zombie Pop Metal
Tom Ford’s Fucking Fabulous
October is the London Month of the Dead
Dean Hurley’s ambient Twin Peaks score available to buy
RIP bandleader Ray Davies
Dracula in a Women’s Prison
RIP Anita Pallenberg
Prepare for a Hard Brexxxit
GLOW coming to Netflix
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre – The Shocking Truth soundtrack LP
RIP Roger Moore
Mansfield 66/67 – New Documentary About Jayne Mansfield And Anton LaVey
Lurid Trumps Video Nasty Collection Concludes
Kelli Ali’s Ghostdriver – A Noir Film And Music Project
The Sexual Freedom Ball
Wisconsin Death Trip at Regent Street Cinema
Rick Wakeman Announces Luxurious Crimes Of Passion Box Set
The Satanic Flea Market
The Gothic Revolution is coming
Birdemic Director James Nguyen Returns With The Man With The Wooden Face
The Manson Family reality show
INDUSTRIΛL ΛCCIDENT –  The Story of Wax Trax! Records Trailer
Radley Metzger, Erotic Film Pioneer, Has Died
Tura Satana documentary film trailer
Soho Film Festival at the Regent Street Cinema
Casting JonBenet gets a trailer
American Playboy trailer
Diamanda Galas plays The Barbican
Enter the private world Of G.G. Allin and family in new documentary film
Angelyne wants a new billboard
Lydia Lunch And Beth B Announce The War Is Never Over
Pink Floyd’s Mortal Remains At The V&A
Trippy, Lovecraft-inspired horror film The Void coming to UK cinemas
The Love Witch UK trailer
Sara Le Roy’s The Disenchanted Forest 3D Art Show
Lana Del Rey brings you Love
Playboy Sees Sense And Brings Back The Nudity (Sort Of)
Video Nasty Lurid Trumps – The Final Collection On Pre-Order Now
The BFI’s Controversial Classics
The Residents Return With The Ghost Of Hope
Progressive Transgressive And Underground – Genesis P Orridge Films At The Horse Hospital
New trailer for George Best documentary released
Biblical ‘epic’ exploitation film  Absolute Vow unleashes mad trailer
John Hurt has died
Library Music Stalwart Jan Stoeckart Has Died
The Barbican goes Into the Unknown
Rammstein – from Paris to a cinema near you
Adult film legend Bill Margold has died
Death Race 2050 trailer
Universal Horror at the Regent Street Cinema
The Motorhead Massage Missile
Competition: win Lights Out on DVD
Eat out in a festive igloo
Two Moomin exhibitions coming to the UK
Listen to Le Vampire by DTCV
Uwe Boll quits filmmaking – and that’s a bad thing
Veruca James and a Creepy Clown in I Had the Strangest Dream Last Night
Alexander McQueen biopic announced
Pulp fiction book fair in London
Crowd funding campaigns from Nucleus Films and Frank Henenlotter
New Iron Fist trailer
A Message from the Temple
New Twin Peaks teaser with Angelo Badalamenti
The Backlash Kink Olympixxx
Frightfest’s Shocktoberfest all-day extravaganza announced
New CultFilms label launches
Babymetal to star in their own animated show
Canned beer wins CAMRA approval
RIP Herschell Gordon Lewis
Hull’s City of Culture line-up is pretty good
Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Endless Poetry trailer
Clothing for the ‘Now Generation’
Carlsberg go for a craft look
New trailer for The Shining
Britain in a nut (case) shell – frilly knickers upset prude
Chrysta Bell and David Lynch go on a Night Ride in new video
New poster and trailer for Amanda Knox documentary
Craft Beer Revolution Festival in Edinburgh
Mayhem and Grimmfest announce full line ups
Win Unspoken on DVD
Iron Maiden’s Red ‘n’ Black porter released
Cocks Not Glocks
The Killing of America comes to Blu-ray and cinemas

SOHO photo exhibition in London
The Great British Skinny Dip
The Sexual Freedom Awards 2016
Gong’s Gilli Smyth has died
Batman – Return of the 1960s Caped Crusaders
Say Lou Lou release Stayin’ Alive cover
Press hysteria over sexual health posters
Mayhem Film Festival launch new trailer
Rare copies of Divinity magazine on sale
Too Fast for Love: Mötley Crüe vibrators
New Order launch their own beer
NASA space vacation posters
Fellatio Cafe scams and clickbait cynicism
Gargantuan Pink Floyd Early Years box set announced
Legendary London strip pub The White Horse is closing
Win Lurid VHS Mondo VHS Playing Cards
Teacher Fired For Allowing Teenagers To See HR Giger Art
Republicans declare porn a public health crisis
Mayhem Film Festival opens for business
Vivid sign UK distribution deal with Harmony
Win Pride & Prejudice & Zombies DVD, Book and Poster
Win The Forest on blu-ray and an exclusive T-shirt

The BFI announce Psychomania and Women in Love
XVHS Mixes Perfume and Vintage Video
Competition – Win Synth Wave Volume 1 on vinyl
The Fragrance Kitchen arrives in the UK at new Selfridges Perfume Department
Tom Six unleashes the ultimate Human Centipede

The return of the Carry On film
Alcohol Concern campaign against beer, Bond and Footwear
The Fragrance Foundation Awards 2016
New UK trailer for The Neon Demon
MP tries to provoke mass hysteria over ‘sexy’ bra for teenagers
Lurid Trumps presents Mondo VHS
Charles Gatewood RIP
London’s ‘Naked Food Experience’ is coming
Jaws footwear is actually a thing
BFI releases Public Information Films free to view online
The Playboy Club opens the Tale Bar
Holy Torture at the Horse Hospital
The Satanic Flea Market
Tempest Storm documentary trailer released
Giallo Fever at the Barbican
Win Martyrs on DVD
BFI Flipside returns with British cult classics

William Burroughs spoken word album reissued
London Sex Walk, apparently run by 14 year old boys
American Easy Listening at Nottingham Contemporary
Network to release BBC classics
The Naked Truth of the Unslut Project
Clangers, Bagpuss and Co. at the V&A Museum of Childhood
Cannibal Holocoasters
Oxford English Dictionary adds splendid splendid sweary variations to new edition
John Carpenter, Fabio Frizzi and Goblin bring the horror to ATP Iceland
University professor porn star Old Nick forced out of his job
McClaren and Westwood’s son burning punk collection in 40th anniversary protest
The Infamous Trouser Bar to be screened at BFI Flare