Folk Devils and Moral Panics

Censorship, finger-wagging, prohibitionists and the war on pleasure.

18 Rated Porn and BBFC Hypocrisy
The 1993 Horror Of Mind-Boggling Filth On Your Computer
Academic Click ‘Bate: The War On Porn Continues
Adult Entertainment’s Death By A Thousand Cuts
Adventures in Chemistry: a Warning to the Curious

Agent Provocateur and the March of the Prudes
Alcohol Concern Campaign Against Beer, Bond and Footwear

All Hanging Separately: Why the Moralisers Win
America’s Religious Moral War Has Only Just Begun
Anti-Vaxxers and the Limits of Free Speech
Are You a Troll? Probably
Aubrey Beardsley is Still Too Much for the Prudes
Bad Research and Block Heads – Government Censorship and Compliant Pressure Groups
Ban the Booze! The Guardian Goes Full Guardian in the First Days of 2020
Banned and Damned: Sex, Violence and Blasphemy on Channel 4 in the 1990s
Barbie Death Camp: Bad Taste as Art
The BBC’s Banned Songs of the Gulf War
The BBFC returns to a world of secrecy
The BBFC’s Harmful Research
The Behemoth of Blasphemy
Bella Thorne, OnlyFans and the Idiotic Desperation of Celebrity Culture
Better Than You – The Arrogance Of The Rich And Famous

The Blinkered Ignorance of Politicians
Bobby BeauSoleil’s 2021 New Year’s Revolution
Boyd Rice vs Bob Larson
Brain Rotting In Texas
Breaking News: It’s Not Often All That Important

Britain in a Nut (Case) Shell – Frilly Knickers Upset Prude
Britain’s Forgotten Moral Panic Of 1992
British TV Advertising’s Brief Flirtation With The Female Nipple
Broadcast Interference – The Slow Suicide Of Traditional Television

Burn After Reading: How Instagram Sucks The Joy Out Of Books

The Calculated Cynicism of Coronavirus Moralisers

Cancel Culture and the Follies of Youth

Censorship’s Lack Of Appeal
A Change is as Good as a Rest
Chaos and Conspiracy: the Secret History of the Manson Murders
Charlie Hebdo, Five Years On
A Cheap Holiday In Other People’s Misery

‘Check Your Privilege’ Is the Worst Thing in the Universe
The Chilling Effect

Christian Parents Are Still Terrified Of Iron Maiden
Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right…
Condemned and Morally Offensive: the Forbidden Fruit of the Catholic Legion of Decency
The Continuing Madness of Britain’s Beer Censors
The Conversation Killers
Cook, Bleat, Repeat: Nigella Lawson’s Tedious Tripe

The Covid Conundrum
Covid Is Making Us Cross
The Curious Angriness of People Who Know Better Than You

The Daily Star’s obsession with Giant Mutant Rats
Dancing With The Devil – A Music Censorship Documentary From 1991
Daytime TV’s Unreality Problem
The Deadly Results Of Sex Shaming And Guilt Transferrence
Deep 666’d – The Bus Trip Of The Beast Is No More
Devil Worship – The Rise of Satanism
Dog Perfume is This Year’s Must-Have Gift for Morons
The Egyptian Wonders Of Salma al-Shimi Vs The Morally Outraged
The Eternal Damnation of the Superbowl
The Eternal Grift Of John Darwin
Everyone Needs A Bank Account – Sex Workers Included
Evil Literature: the Banned Books and Magazines of Ireland
Exorcism at The Home Depot
Exploiting the Dead

Exposing the Satanic Web – More 1980s Satanic Panic Hysteria
Fake News, Mainstream Misinformation and Sloppy Journalism – and Why Government Control of Social Media Won’t Improve Things
Fakers, All: The World Of Self-Mythologising
Falsehood Flies and the Truth Comes Limping After It
Fear is the Master – a Delirious Christian Exposé of Rajneesh
Five Reasons Why List Articles Are The Worst
The Flaccid Appeal of the Festival of New Masculinity
Flying Dog Brewery Stand Up to the Beer Censors
A Free Slap in the Face
Free Speech As Long As I Approve Of It
The Free Speech Campaigners Are Oddly Silent About Sexual Expression
Free the Nipple – the American War on Boobs
From Crime to Christ: Strangeways Prison’s Religious Conversion Video
From First to Last – Old Farts

From Psychedelics To Satan: The Endless Lies of Beatrice Sparks and Her Fictional Teen Diaries
The Gallery Of Banned Advertising
The Games Children Play: a Delusional Christian Satanic Panic Documentary
GB News and the Outrage Publicists
Gestapo’s Last Orgy is Still Too Outrageous for Britain’s Censors
The Global Citizen Prize Is A Back Slapping Parade Of Unspeakable Awfulness
Gods of the New Age – a Deranged Fundamentalist Warning About the Dangers of Hinduism

Good Censor, Bad Censor
The Grotesque Ugliness and All-Pervasive Reach of Social Media
Halloween is Not a Time for Good Taste, So Let’s Stop Being Offended by Everything
Hammer Horror: The Numbing Awfulness Of The BBC’s Property Portfolio

The Happy Whore
Have You Said Your Prayers Today?
The Hell You’re Going Through is Thanks to the Most Boring People You’ve Ever Met
Hey, Media: Stop Thinking That Twitter Trending Means Anything

High Jinks and Kinks: Ann Summers Advertising and Political Opportunism
Hirsute Pursuits: The Oddball World Of Facial Hair Competitions
The Horrific History Of The ‘H’ Certificate
Hot Takes for Fame and Profit
The Hypocritical Demonisation Of Adult Entertainment
A Hysterical Christian Perspective On Halloween
I’m Not Your Mate, Sir
In the Thick of It: Education in a Pandemic
The inequitable case of PC vs CP: Political Correctness vs Cinephile Perversion
Infantilising Britain: A Lesson From History
The Inside Scoop on the Male Escort Industry

The Intersectional Left and a Beating
The Irrational Fear of Female Breasts

Is Black Friday Really That Awful?
Is The Advertising Standards Authority Drunk?
Is There Anything More Pointless Than a Right-On Monopoly?
It Doesn’t Add Up: Carol Vorderman And The Shady World Of Financial Advertising
It’s All About Me: The Narcissism Signallers
It’s All to Your Good! Buckfast Tonic Wine And Bored Housewives
It’s Nothing Personal…

The Joys Of Owning Too Much Stuff

Just Wear a Fucking Mask
Keeping Calm in the Face of ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’

Keeping Up With The Control Freaks – Khloe Kardashian, Slimming Ads And Moral Panics
The Kick in the Teeth of Daytime TV Advertising
Kicking Kipling
A Krown Jewels Update
The Krown Jewels Want To Scrap The Monarchy
The Last Days of Sinful Soho – a 1981 News Report
Last Straw Dogs On The Left – The Inconsistencies And Double Standards Of The BBFC
Learning from History – Witch Hunts, Blacklists and Guilt by Accusation
A Legally Harmful Belief
Let’s Get Physical
Let’s Stop Underestimating the Value of Porn
Louise Woodward: The Making Of A Media Martyr

Love Camp 7 Remains the Benchmark for Unacceptable Cinema in 2020
The Ludicrous Christian Hysteria of The Law Enforcement Guide to Satanic Cults
Mandatory British Video Censorship Is Outdated And Unnecessary
The Manufactured Outrage Over Seventies Sex Comedies on Amazon
The Manipulative Nonsense Of National Proposal Day
The Many Layers Of Stupidity To The Age Verification Plan
Marc Jacobs and the Curse of Cultural Appropriation
Marina Abramović, Microsoft and Satanic Conspiracy Theories
The Mass Panic That Came To Tea
Masturbation Is Witchcraft!
Max Mosley: Sex, Power and Tabloid Hypocrisy
MC Devvo and the Past Coming Back to Haunt You
A Melting Pot of Offence
Mental Health Mania: The Rise And Rise Of The Church Of Mental Illness

Mind Your Language
The Ministry for Oppression

Misguided Moralising: Playboy Fashion Ads Cleared of Sexualisation Claims
The Modern Day Blue Pencils Of The Sensitivity Readers
Moral Coercion And Twisted Facts From The UK Parliament’s Censorial Fanatics
The Moral Panic Over Nudity In Art Is No Laughing Matter
Moral Panics, Media Manipulation and Kneejerk Legislation – How Bad Laws Happen
Motherfu…ing Stupidity: The BBFC And ‘Implied Language’
MP Tries to Provoke Mass Hysteria Over ‘Sexy’ Bra For Teenagers
Much Ado About Hooters
Mums Make Porn – And Also Make a Dubious Sort of Porn History
The Mundane Pointlessness Of Awards
Murder in Mind and the Dennis Nilsen Scandal
Murder: Live From Death Row – Geraldo Rivera’s Sensationalist True Crime Special

Naked Fury: The Moral Panic Over Naked Attraction’s Cheeky Advertising
Naked Statues Prove to Be Too Much for Paris
Natural Born Killers In Preston
Negative Reactions
Net Neutrality: What It Is and Why It Still Matters
The Never-Ending Sorry
Never Explain, Never Apologise
Never Mind the Bollocks – Here’s the British Police
The New Original Sin
The New Scarlet Letter: Punishing the Immodest Women of Social Media
The New Year Lectures

No Easter Fun In Germany: The Banned Films And Public Pleasures Of Silent Holidays
No Flights If You Hail Satan
No Hot Wives in Nottingham
No Reservations – the Slow Death of Pub Culture
No Sex Please, We’re British Filmmakers
Nobody Likes A Good Laugh More Than I Do: The Artistic Value Of Comedy

The Non-Existent War On Christmas
Now Kissing Is Considered To Be Sexually Explicit: The Continuing Madness of the ASA
The Not-So-Great Cover-Up
Not So Sweet Charity

Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink
The Obscenity Trials of the Century
OFCOM’s Online Nation: Reinventing Harm

OFCOM’s Revisionist History
Oh Brother!
Oh Dear, In a Bad Mood?

Online Harms and Offline Intimidation

The OnlyFans Ad Backlash
The Oppressive Inequality of Playing Cards
Pandering To The Masses: The Hypocritical Fixation With Public Opinion
Paparazzi’s Big Pictures – Stories From The Gutters Of Empty Celebrity

Partied Out
Perversion for Profit – Charles Keating’s War on Obscenity, Homosexuality and Communism
Peter Wyngarde Is Finally Innocent
The Piss Poor Journalism of the Daily Mirror
The PMRC Hearings with Frank Zappa, Dee Snider and John Denver
The Pointlessness of Doing Stupid Things for Charity
Police Raids In The Last Days Of Obscenity
The Political Fixation With Shifting The Blame Onto Porn
Politicians, Prohibitionists And Porn: A Bad Combination
The Pope Does Not Approve Of Porn
The Pope’s Exorcist Is Not Realistic Say People Who Believe Demonic Possession Really Is A Thing
Porn Star Martinis and the Booze Police
Porn Wars – Sex, Lies and the Battle to Control Britain’s Internet

Power to Truth – The Blood Sports of the Social Justice Bullies

Preserve American Secularism
The Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing
Primed For Profit: The BBFC’s Double Standards
Progressive Porn vs Regressive Feminists
Prohibitionists and the Dangers of the Empty Gesture
Prurience and Schadenfreude in the Jeffrey Epstein Saga

Pulling One’s Leg
Put A Cork In It

The R18 TV News Reports
The Real-World Consequences Of Outlawing Porn

Reframing Hollywood: The Moral Superiority Of Finding Everything Problematic
The Relentless Lies And Contrived Hysteria Over The Existential Threat Of Porn

Republicans Declare Porn a Public Health Crisis
‘Reviewing’ The Censorship Laws
Ricky Gervais and the Hollywood Ego Pricking

Ring-Oh! Starr Vs Sex Toys
Rip It Up And Start Again – A Few More Thoughts On The Last Days Of Social Media
The Rise of Sensitive Authoritarianism

Rock – It’s Your Decision
Satan Wants You: The Story Of Michelle Remembers And The Birth Of The Satanic Panic
‘Satanic Garbage’ – Fundamentalism Vs Children’s Publishing
Satanic Panic Stations – Lil Nas X Stokes The Fires Of Hysteria
The Satanic Versus: ‘Hail Satan?’ and the Battle to Be the Authentic Voice of Modern Satanism
The Scabrous World Of Highly Questionable Film Festivals
Scales of Outrage: What Nathan Pyle’s Excommunication Tells Us About Modern Ire
The Scapegoating of Entertainment

Scared of the Real World – the British Fear of Kinky Sex
Scotland’s New Hate Speech Bill is Dangerous and Devious
Scottish Strippers Win A Fight For Their Right To Undress
The Scourge of the Online Activist

Sex Robots and the Making of a Moral Panic
The Shame Of Punishing People For Their Childhood Mistakes

Shiitakeheads: The ASA Causes More Offence Than Any Ad They Object To
Shocking and Sensational
Shove your Award Ceremonies
The Silencing of Dangerous Ideas: Britain’s Shameful Free Speech History Is Not About To Change
The Slow Death Of The Topless Sunbather
Sob Story: The ASA’s Puritanical Fear Of The Female Body

State of the Onions Address – 2016 And All That
Stereotypically Stupid: the ASA’s Latest Slice of Lunacy
Storm Warnings: The Strange World Of Quonspiracy
A Strange Kind of Lust

‘The Suicide Disease’ – The Personal Horrors Of Trigeminal Neuralgia

Suicyder is Painless
Swirling About In A Human Cesspit Of His Own Making: Goodbye To God’s Cop
Taboos to View – The Search for the Next Forbidden Kick
Taking The Pizza: What Really Happened At Woking’s Pizza Express?
Teacher Fired For Allowing Teenagers To See HR Giger Art
Teenage Satanism In The 1980s: VHS-Era Christian Hysteria

Teresa May Is Not Our New Prime Minister
That Terrible Moment When You Have to Defend Roy Chubby Brown
These Are People Who Died: 2020

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: The Rise And Sprawl Of Social Media

This Year’s Halloween Costume Hysteria
This Year’s Halloween Costume Outrage for People with Nothing Else to Worry About
Through the Looking Glass: Lazy Journalism in Local Newspapers

Twitter is Not the Real World
Twitter Panic And The Fragility Of Social Media
Twitter’s German-Specific Porn Block Is Not The Way Forward
The Tyranny of Choice
The Tyranny of the Perpetually Offended
U-Turns Should Be Celebrated, Not Scoffed At
Ugly People and Their Beautiful Creations

The UK Authorities Finally Accept That Kinky Sex is Not Obscene
The Unbearable Banality of the Nerd
Uncanny Fears And The False Hysteria Of Coulrophobia

Undignified And Immodest: Ralph Steadman Banned In North Carolina
University Professor Porn Star Old Nick Forced Out of His Job
Unpopular Thoughts Approved in the UK
Vaginas and Alcohol Don’t Mix, Apparently
Vape and Pillage – Entertainments for Modern Vikings
The Very British Sex Scams Of The 1980s

The Vexed Question Of Authorship
The Vital Need for Online Anonymity
Vogue’s Christmas Vacation Plans Are Going to Infuriate the Kids
War Propaganda: The Anti-Porn Misinformation Machine Hits A New Low
We Are All Nazis Now
We Don’t Need Another (Super) Hero
We Don’t Need No Education
We Have Every Right to be Rude to Politicians
When Did We Give Up Our Backbone?
Why Can’t A Woman Be More Like A Man?

Why Do The Beer Censors Think That Pregnant Women Are Idiots?
Why Shouldn’t People Work From Home?

Would You Wish Your Servant To Read This? The Elitism Of Moral Panics
You Are What You Watch: How ‘Diet Reality’ Gave Us Super-Sized Misery

Your Body Belongs to the State