Lost Histories

Stories lost in time and space and deep dives into forgotten culture.

1977 – The Summer Of Synthstrumentals
1980 – As Told By Magazine Covers
AfterMASH and W*A*L*T*E*R – the Unwanted and Unloved M*A*S*H Spin-Offs
All The Rage: Britain Goes Rabid Over Rabies
The Amazing Kreskin And The UFO Invasion
American Gulag – the Violent Death of Budd Dwyer
Andrew Jones And The Little Indie Film Factory That Could
Animal Kwackers – a Very Strange Pop Music Primer for 1970s Kids
Auto-Erotic Enhancement – the Rise of the Sex Toy
The Babycham Years

Ballerinas And Bondage: The Secret Desires Of L.S. Lowry

Banned and Damned: Sex, Violence and Blasphemy on Channel 4 in the 1990s
The BBC’s Banned Songs of the Gulf War

Biba and the Angry Brigade
Blood And Guts In Living Color: The Empty Legacy Of Christine Chubbuck
Bombshell – the ‘Banned’ 1981 Board Game
Boyd Rice vs Bob Larson
Britcoms Down Under
British Celebrities Posing Awkwardly with Glamour Girls
British Strip Clubs of the 1960s
British TV Advertising’s Brief Flirtation With The Female Nipple

C-60 Go! The Odd Craze For Magazines On Tape And Disc
Carry On, Emmanuelle – The Rise And Fall Of The Iconic Erotic Film Series
Cease to Exist: Charles Manson’s Pop Culture influence
CED – The Video Format That Was Dead on Arrival
Cheap Thrills – the Amazing World of the Top of the Pops Cover Version LPs
Cliff Twemlow’s The Pike
Coil’s Musical Guides to Safe Sex and Sensual Massage
The Connection Between Kate Bush and Sexy Sword and Sorcery Novels
Count Dante – The Deadliest Man Alive
Cry Havoc! The Church of Raism
Cyborg, Muton and Android
A Daily Star Is Born
Dare to Believe – Britain’s Forgotten Surrealist Comedy Show
David Aaron Clark Remembered
Dazed And Confused: Led Zeppelin’s Shambolic Live Aid Performance
Dazzler, the Disco Superhero
Deeper than Deep – Linda Lovelace and Deep Throat Memorabilia
Depraved and Corrupting: The Complete Video Nasties
The Devil In Miss November
Dora’s World: Remembering Dora Hall, Queen Of The Vanity Record
The Double Life of Clare Dunkel
Dracula, Frankenstein and Friends – The Glory Days of the BBC2 Horror Double Bill
Dynamic Tension – the Charles Atlas Story
Educating Julie – A 1960s Nudist Film Made in 1984
The Enduring Mystery of King Arthur’s Lady Returns
Ersatz Metal: The NWOBHM Magazine Copycats
Fallen Star – the Life and Mysterious Death of Star Stowe
Famous For Five Times A Night: Fiona Wright And The Secrets Of Her Diary
Films Without Shame: the Story of Nudist Cinema
The Final Cut – the Modern Mythology of the Snuff Movie
Flash Dancer: Graham Bonnet’s Notorious On-Stage Meltdown Of 1982
Flights Into Danger: The Many Adaptations Of The Story That Became Airplane!
Flirting With Flexi-Sex
Folklore: The Devil’s Footprints
The Forgotten World of the British Softcore Video
Franz Reichelt’s Eiffel Tower Death Jump
The Fred West Tabloid Feeding Frenzy
Free Gift Inside! The Highs And Lows Of The British Comic Book Giveaway
A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Hell – The Satanic Temptation Of Sammy Hall
The God Movie Makers: Exploring The Delirious World Of Jeremiah Films
Godzilla Vs The Wolfman: A Long-Lost Mythical Monster Mash
The Golden Age Of Crappy Little Plastic Toys In Cereal Packets
The Golden Age of Film and TV Tie-In Novels
The Golden Age of the Streaker
Gore – The Outrageous French Splatter Fiction Series
Great Websites We Have Loved and Lost: Cut Off My Feet
Great Websites We Have Loved and Lost: Succubus Hunter
Half-Cocked: the Rise and Fall of John Wayne Bobbitt
Hammer’s Vampirella – the Pioneering Comic Book Movie That Never Was
Harmful Publications: The British Horror Comic Scare
Hellcat Mud Wrestlers And Foxy Boxers: The Knock-Out Blow For The British Sex Film
The History of the Mondo Movie, Part One – From Mondo Cane to Africa Addio
Homocult – The Anarcho-Queer Provocateurs Of The 1990s
The Horrific History Of The ‘H’ Certificate
The Human Fly – the Real-Life Superhero Stuntman
It’s All to Your Good! Buckfast Tonic Wine And Bored Housewives
Jack Nance’s Spanking Video
Janie Jones, London in the Raw and the Topless Dress Craze of 1964
Jesus Meets the Beast: the Strange Tale of Jess Franco and Iron Maiden
Julie’s Sixteenth Birthday – The Story Behind A Notorious Album Cover
Jungle Holocausts – the Murky History of Cannibal Cinema
Jurassic Mansion: The BBC’s Maddest April Fool Spoof
Kaleidoscope Frenzy – Hitchcock’s Unfilmed Sex and Violence Movie
King Klunk – the Cartoon Deemed Horrific by the British Censors
Kinky Nights at Legendary Fetish Club Der Putsch
Le Macabre: London’s Gothic Horror Coffee House for Ghoulish Hipsters
The Legend of Spring-Heeled Jack
Letters to Amelia – a Strange Selection of Private Sexual Correspondence
Letters to the Editor – The Curious Correspondence Pages of Sheer Filth and Divinity
Liverpool Library Press – The World’s Most Outrageous Erotic Fiction Publishers
Look at Your Game, Girl: the Musical Legacy of Charles Manson
Looking for Kathy Spiers
Lord Buckethead – The Whole Story
The Lost History of the Cycle Sluts: a Gender-Bending Cabaret Show
The Lost World Of Underground Filmmaking: Richard Baylor and Cirsium Delectus
Love Me Don’t – The Odd World Of Anti-Beatles Diss Records
MacPlaymate, Virtual Valerie and the Birth of X-Rated Computer Games
Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know – P.J. Proby’s Savoy Years
Mail Order Monkeys
Making A Monster: The Scapegoating Of Colin Stagg

Marjoe Gortner, The False Prophet Who Exposed The Truth
Mary Whitehouse and the Nationwide Festival of Light
Mary Whitehouse and the Sex Life of Jesus
The Mayfair Magazine Cover Gallery
The Misadventures of Tommy Kirk
The Monster Movie Magazines of the Sixties
A Movie With Your Morning Paper
Mr Parlanchin – The Stuff Of Childhood Nightmares
Naked Witches And Sexy Satanists: The Erotic Occult Magazine Explosion
Nice and Sleazy Does it – The Stranglers and the Strippers
Nights Out with Khan Tusion
A Nude Horse is a Rude Horse: Alan Abel’s Society for Indecency to Naked Animals
Ondine And The Water Nymphs: When Bath Foam, The Pre-Raphaelites And Easy Listening Collided
Oral History: the Incomplete Story of a Forgotten Heavy Metal Band
O.T.T. – The Outrageous Late-Night TV Tiswas Spin-Off
Paul is Dead: The Beatles Conspiracy Theory
The People vs Nympho Nurse Nancy
Perversion for Profit – Charles Keating’s War on Obscenity, Homosexuality and Communism
Peter Cook’s Hidden Messages On Sparks Records
Phew, What A Scorcher! The Long, Hot Summer Of 1976
Pump Me Up: Caroline Munro’s Pop Music Career
Red Tape International: Britain’s Forgotten Adult Video Series
Remembering It’s A Royal Knockout – A 1980s TV Fever Dream
Requiem for an Invisible Warrior
A Retro Halloween Glamour Pastiche and the Lost World of Online Smut
The Rise and Fall of Debbie Linden
Russ Meyer on Casablanca

Sabrina, Britain’s Biggest Sex Symbol
Saint Moana Pozzi, Italian Icon
Salman Rushdie And The International Guerillas
Satanic Panic: When British TV Viewers Were Traumatised By The Omen
Sex Freaks, Long Dong Silver And The Untold Story Of Britain’s Weirdest Adult Film
Sexplay – the John Lindsay Blue Movie Scandal
Smokers Wild, the (Cough) ‘Hilarious’ Anti-Smoking Game
Snowblind: Shameless Cocaine Advertising from the 1970s
So Fucking What – the Anti Nowhere League’s Obscene Song
The Song That Broke Up Motörhead
The Sons of Sam and the Slippery Nature of Conspiracy Theory
Stockport’s Where It’s At – According to Frankie Vaughan
Stop! Look! Pow! Splink! The British Road Safety Superheroes
The Strange and Elusive Pleasures of HVC
The Strange Case Of Heil Honey, I’m Home
The Strange Tale of Lord Ponsonby, the Pentagram and the Labour Movement
Super Super Europe – Remembering Striptease Game Show Tutti Frutti
Supertrain and Time Express – When USTV Went Off the Rails
Susana Estrada – Spain’s Sexual Revolutionary Disco Queen
Tacey Robbins – Al Adamson’s Go-Go Girl
Traingirl: the Awful Death Of Mary Wojtyla
Tuca Tuca – the Sensational EuroPop of Rafaella Carrà
TV News Reports On The Execution Of John Wayne Gacy
Unbalanced: the Odd Sideshow World of John Evans
The VHS Wonderland of Portland Films
The Victim and Aurora’s Notorious Monster Scenes Model Kits
Video Nasty Icon Ian McCulloch’s Forgotten Sixties Pop Career
Waldemar The Vampire: The Strange Case Of Waldemar Wohlfahrt And The Autobahnmörders
We Are One – the Strange Story of the Caligula Disco Soundtrack
“We’ve Warned You About This Man”: Jess Franco and the BBFC
When Apes Stood Supreme – the Planet of the Apes British Stage Show
When Mills & Boon Went Horror
Wings of Love – the Artwork that Defined a Generation
Witchfinder General Was His Name: the Matthew Hopkins Musical Tributes
Wizard Video’s Ill-Fated Cult Movie Games
The Yorkshire Las Vegas – Jayne Mansfield and the Batley Variety Club