In Memoriam

Remembering those who have left us.

Adam Parfrey, Feral House publisher, has died
Adult film legend Bill Margold has died
Andrew Jones And The Little Indie Film Factory That Could
Bedazzled By Raquel Welch
Bernardo Bertolucci 1941 – 2018

B.I.G. Cinema – Remembering Bert I. Gordon
Carol Lynley 1942 – 2019

Charles Gatewood RIP
Destroyer Rising: The Epic Art Of Ken Kelly
A Difficult, Brilliant Life: Roky Erikson 1947 – 2019
Doris Day 1922 – 2019
Fakir Musafar RIP
Farewell to the Street Fighter
Gong’s Gilli Smyth has died
The Ghoulish Delights of Gahan Wilson
Hardy Fox 1945 – 2018
Hi, How Are You? The World of Daniel Johnston 1961 – 2019
Hugh Hefner RIP
Larry Flynt 1942 – 2021
Lindsay Kemp RIP
Nick Zedd – The Creator Of The Cinema Of Transgression
The One-Armed Master Of The Flying Guillotine: Jimmy Wang Yu

In Praise Of Monica Vitti
In Remembrance of John Saxon
“I’ve suffered for my music – now it’s your turn”: Neil Innes 1944 – 2019
João Gilberto 1931 – 2019
Jim South, Agent to the Stars
John Hurt has died
The Last of the Wild Angels – Peter Fonda 1940 – 2019
Library Music Stalwart Jan Stoeckart Has Died
Little Richard: Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Flamboyant Hero
Nicolas Roeg 1928 – 2018
Paul Krassner 1932 – 2019
Peter Whitehead 1937 – 2019
Radley Metzger, Erotic Film Pioneer, Has Died
Remembering Alan Frank
Remembering Burt Bacharach

Remembering Martin Barker
Remembering Meat Loaf
Remembering Tempest Storm
RIP Anita Pallenberg
RIP Herschell Gordon Lewis
RIP bandleader Ray Davies
RIP Roger Moore
Robert Kerman 1947 – 2018
Sid Haig 1939 – 2019
Soldier of Orange: remembering Rutger Hauer
Stan Lee 1922 – 2018
The Strange World Of Coffin Joe – José Mojica Marins 1936 – 2020
Stuart Gordon 1947 – 2020
Temple of Set Founder Michael Aquino Has Left the Physical Realm
Terry Jones 1942 – 2020
These Are People Who Died 2021 Part One: A – L
These Are People Who Died 2021 Part Two: M – Z
The Ultimate Ultravixen – Kitten Natividad
Vivre Sa Vie: remembering Anna Karina

The Voice Of Love: Rockin’ Back Inside The Heart Of Julee Cruise
Who Are You, William Klein?