1. I found Reprobate while searching for Raism, finding this bastard font of eclectic wisdom. Virtual thanks for your shite cornucopia and the article on James Havoc. I have a place here.

  2. Just found out about ‘Now A Major Motion Picture’ but you’re sold out!!! Any plans to go to another printing?

  3. I’ve just read your review of the Tod Slaughter biography and you’ve helped to make the decision to get it.
    It’s my birthday next week, and my wife has been asking me to choose something so I will ask her to buy the book for me.
    I’ve heard of Tod throughout my life, but it was only a few years ago that I saw one of his pictures for the first time on ‘Talking Pictures’ I’ve been watching one of his films today on YouTube and they are incredibly entertaining.
    I just googled to see if there was a book on his life and discovered the one you reviewed.
    Thank you.

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