Godzilla Minus One Is Coming

The King of the Monsters – the real thing, not some feeble imitation – is finally back!

We’re not ones to post the latest trailer for any old piece of newly released crap, as well you know – but my God, there is a new Godzilla film. A proper Godzilla film. From Japan. One that does away with all the reinvention, the monster mashery and the continual reconstruction of the Godzilla legend and takes it all back to the beginning – a post-war Japan that has been shattered and broken, where things seem as though they could get no worse… but quickly will, as the King of the Monsters rises to cause havoc. Godzilla Minus One is here.

Directed by VFX wizard Takashi Yamazaki, the film had its world premiere on October 18th, hits the UK in December (in IMAX and 4DX no less) and will be covered in more detail on this very site once we’ve seen it. Our take on the trailer: suitably impressive and moody, with a genuine apocalyptic feel that Godzilla films of all types have long since lost. We’re quietly hopeful for this one. In celebration, we’re putting together a mighty Godzilla gallery – watch this space.

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