This Is Your Life, Boris Karloff

The legendary actor gets the celebrity life story treatment on USTV.

Although This Is Your Life was a staple of British TV from 1955 to 2003, the show began life in America, first being broadcast in 1952. The format remained more or less the same throughout – a celebrity would be ‘surprised’ by the host and then taken to the studio where a rather sanitised and complementary story of their life was revealed, complete with guests from their past (sometimes childhood friends and family members, but usually more viewer-friendly famous faces, many of whom only had a nodding acquaintance to the star in question).

In 1957, Boris Karloff was the star whose life – or a version thereof – was explored. A beloved figure even then, Karloff comes across like a lovely chap and the guests include Jack Pierce, the make-up artist responsible for the Frankenstein monster. It’s a charming little show that will tell you very little about Karloff’s life – but there are books for that. This is just a celebration of a great star who was, for the most part, past his prime. Eleven years later, Karloff would be dead.

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