Vincent Price Hams It Up

The horror movie legend has fun behind the scenes.

Vincent Price, uniquely among his contemporaries, always seemed to have a sense of fun about the movies he made and the image that he developed as a horror star. While he was entirely capable of giving serious, intense and tragic performances, he also knew not to take himself too seriously, which led to a series of films in which he is clearly enjoying himself – and perhaps to his involvement in more throwaway films and TV shows where he turns up to simply be ‘Vincent Price’. While Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing certainly made their fair share of comedy appearances, they tended to take themselves rather more seriously – and they were never part of the Hollywood establishment that Price was fully immersed in. Neither did they have the same outside interests as Price, who was a gourmet, an art lover and a general bon vivant for whom acting was just one of many things to occupy his time. And then there was his lucrative advertising career

It’s no surprise, then, that Price was often found hamming it up with co-stars, celebrity chums and in press shoots. Here was a man who clearly knew how to have fun, even though he could be as sophisticated and urbane as any other Hollywood star – while he was born to play villains, there is a fascinating alternative universe where he became a leading matinee idol – and managed to exude a sense of cool throughout his life.

Here, then, is a collection of photos and publicity shots that show him having fun with his own image and hanging out with famous chums.

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