The Samhain Satanic Flea Market

London’s Bazaar of the Bizarre returns for an early Halloween treat.

The Satanic Flea Market has, over the last several years, evolved into London’s leading space for alternative shopping – everything from books and magazines to fashion, art and oddities. Don’t let the ‘Satanic’ part fool you (or, for whatever reason, put you off) – this is a wide-ranging collection of stalls catering to everything off-mainstream, as well as tarot readers, the battle jacket sewing club and more. And that’s not taking into account the crowd itself, a colourful and eccentric collection of characters that is an attraction in itself.

The next fair kicks off Halloween month, taking place on October 1st at the usual venue of Electrowerkz on Torrens Street (just around the corner from Angel tube station) from midday until 6pm. Recent events have been so busy that entry has been staggered, so it’s worth getting there bright and early – or else taking a good book along. Hopefully, the weather will be OK. Once in, there are bars that – by London standards – are not too outrageously priced to keep you refreshed.

As usual, we’ll be there with Reprobate publications, rare books and magazines and exclusives, including advance versions of our new T-shirt range. We’ll be sharing the stall with Mrs R’s Sutures range of stylish accessories and fashion doings, so do come along and pick up a bargain or two.

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  1. Hope the fates will combine that I can attend, though as i identify as heretic, with mercury rising, via xatholix-agnostic, I will be wrapped in my glow-in-the-dark rosaries! And if the holy water vial starts to glow, I will cross myself, just sayin’ so’s there’s a trigger warning out there for a satanist bro/sis who might vomit, wretch and writhe at the sight of such. I guess calling it ‘Goblin Market’ would’ve been too reminiscent of Past Times and drawn the wrong crowd. Hope you have a blast anyway and that it’s a numerologically bountiful day – in that those little numbers in your bank accounts have a baby boom …

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