Blondie Live On Musikladen 1977

A dynamic and irresistible pre-superstardom full-show performance on the legendary German TV show.

Early in Blondie’s career – at least before they had experienced the first of the band’s many mainstream chart hits that propelled the band in general to global fame and Debbie Harry in particular into iconic pop star/sex symbol status – they appeared on Musikladen, the German TV show that Reprobate readers might know best for the sexy and scantily-clad Go-Go dancers. Outside being a vehicle for gratuitous dancing girl nudity, Musikladen also existed as both a Top of the Pops-style chart show where the latest hits were mimed by the recording artists and a more serious music show that showed live specials. To confuse the matter, the show’s back catalogue is often now combined with that of German rock music show Beat Club, which – if we are to continue with the British music TV show analogy – was closer to The Old Grey Whistle Test.

Anyway – this 1977 performance is a great example of the band on the verge of breaking big, when their music was still a mix of commercial retro pop and edgy eccentricity that was just beginning to have popular success. The band are on top form and Debbie Harry is – of course – cool as fuck. How could anyone else compete with her effortless brilliance? Understandably, within a year Blondie would be huge – especially in the UK, but increasingly on an international level.

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