The Outlandish Claim That Prince Charles Piloted A UFO In 1975

Stories that the British King took part in secret UFO experiments are little more than a publicity stunt from an obscure TV channel.

We get a surprisingly large number of random and misguided press releases every day here at The Reprobate, most of which are easily ignored. But when one is headed “did King Charles pilot a UFO?”, you can be sure that we are going to open it and investigate further.

This remarkable question – to which the answer is almost certainly ‘no’ – is posed on Nub TV, which the PR tells us is a “a new show mixing UFOs, the paranormal and music”. It’s produced and hosted by Mark Christopher Lee, a man whose willingness to believe seems second only to his desire for attention (his band The Pocket Gods are regular musical performers on Nub TV) and is now in its fourth season on Ayozat TV, a channel that you can be forgiven for being unfamiliar with. Sitting at 186 on the Sky listing, Ayozat has a website full of technobabble and spelling mistakes and seems to offer white-label set-ups and “advanced high-performance technology powering any markets from applications, media, data, and distribution services across borders to the underserved and most served alike” and “a dedicated network on 30TB backbone with 54 points of presence across the globe and proprietary product lineup that innovates in each sector”. The UKTV schedule seems to consist mostly of public-domain films, unofficial biographies of rock bands and celebrities and IPTV channels that are then collated into highlight shows on the Sky channel. Nub TV is one such IPTV channel, mixing plodding studio discussion with music videos. When I logged onto the channel via the Ayozat website, they were showing a desperately awful video by former Eastenders star John Altman for a song that did not seem destined to trouble the charts. I did try to explore further but an attempt to visit the Nub TV website resulted in a security warning that “if you visit this site, attackers could try to steal information like your passwords, emails, or credit card details.” Well.

But back to the point: did the then Prince Charles pilot a UFO back in 1975? Let’s look at the ‘evidence’ in all its garbled glory (all spelling and punctuation as featured in the PR).

A former colleague of King Charles alleges that they were both working on Project Serpico in Sandy Point in Canada during 1975. This alleged project was set up to investigate new forms of transport with particular reference to Tesla’s work on magnetism – the source also alleges that they had secured technology developed from the Germans after WW2 which itself was developed from a crashed UFO.

In 1975 whilst stationed in Sandy Point, Canada, Prince Charles was alleged to have actually flew one of these craft – a smaller UFO type vehicle that looked like a version of the Avrocar which was developed unsuccessfully in Canada in 1959. Charles’ craft actually had 3 pilots with 3 pilot domes all encased in a heat sensitive glass dome to protect the pilots from the magnetic effects given off by the larger craft controlling their flight. The craft gave off a blue ionic flame and was able to submerse into the water.

The larger craft followed behind Charles and was controlling his craft’s flight by means of some form of electro magnetic force. The larger craft looked like a massive helicopter with long blades. The project was also testing submersible UFO type vehicles which could manoeuvre in both air and water. These had been tested in the Sandy Bay Area since the 1950’s and one of these experimental craft may have even led to the nearby famous Shag Harbour Ufo incident of 1967 where a low flying object was seen entering the waters of the harbour.

Well, that’s an exhausting read. Mr Lee goes on to confuse ‘testimony’ (which in this case is an entirely unverified claim from a single unidentified source) and ‘evidence’ as he goes on to claim that he has written to Buckingham Palace asking for verification of all this nonsense. Well, I’m sure that a strongly worded letter from Nub TV will be just the thing to crack open decades of global secrecy.

These claims – that the PR at least has the decency to refer to as “outlandish” at one point – feel uncannily like a publicity stunt from a TV show/channel that no one has heard of, one that arguably only exists as a vanity project to begin with. At least it makes a change from the claims that the Royal family are secret Lizard People, but otherwise, it’s all a bit disappointing.

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  1. Wish I could say this was a valiant effort on the part of upstart/desperate little channel, but it’s sadly uninspiring, I don’t think it would even work as clickbait. For a start, most people are hip by now that any headline posed as a question can always be answered with the word ‘no’. Where does ‘Serpico’ figure in UFO lore? Is it a jokey corruption of the Serpo/Serco (whichever) hoax that features in Mirage Men, used to vex a receptive individual? Or did the Greek-American ex-policeman take his crusade to interstellar dimensions he left the US. For some reason, there seems to have been a spike in interest in Unidentified Submarine Vehicles recently, especially vehicles which can fly then descend underwater, like something out of Japanese TV, or Gerry Anderson or Irwin Allen. Are three pilots a good idea? Did the then Prince actually just take control of a hovercraft for a moment, I wonder? What a way to rip off people’s credit card details. I’d say I hope it’s ture, but such naivety is beyond even me. And if true, I fear it would only serve as confirmation of the ultimate dullness of our world. As one with an interest, however brief, in marginal TV stations, I look forward to stumbling across a broadcast, I hope it is as freeform, self-serving and indulgent as it sounds!!!

    1. Asylum is one of those films that – like The Satanic Rites of Dracula – has been erroneously claimed as public domain in the US, with the actual rights holders seeming to think that fighting all the versions that pop up as a losing battle.

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