Salvation Magazine Returns

The second issue of Nigel Wingrove’s alternative culture tabloid is finally available.

It’s taken a while, but the second issue of Nigel Wingrove’s Salvation is finally with us. At least in electronic form. The tabloid-sized print edition is still on its way, but for those of you unable to wait, the digital edition is now available.

As with the first edition, you have a choice of two covers, one highlighting your Reprobate editor’s lengthy look at fetishism in the films of Jess Franco, the other spotlighting TikTok performer Jazmin Bean – never let it be said that Wingrove doesn’t have his finger on the pulse of youth culture and modern art. Which you pick up will very much depend on your own personal taste.

Inside, you’ll find Wingrove reminiscing about the legal conflicts involving his much-banned film Visions of Ecstasy, the work of Carolee Schneeman, tattoo art, the reclamation of the ‘bimbo’ and a whole bunch of reviews. In keeping with all Wingrove’s published work, it’s an extraordinary exploration of art, culture, sex and self that deserves a wider audience than it gets.

Copies are available here:

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