The Tura Satana Action Figure Is Here

Get your very own Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! ass-kicking doll.

Can you imagine anything quite as cool as a Tura Satana action figure? If not, then you are in luck as the long-awaited Tura doll is now on sale and ready for shipping. The 8-inch doll is based on her character in Russ Meyer‘s masterpiece Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! and comes with natural hair, motorcycle boots and gloves, new retro box artwork by Joseph Michael Linsner – and all the attitude that you might hope for from such a venture.

The doll is a collaboration between Plaid Stallions and White Elephant Toyz, who between them have created endless amounts of doll merch, magazines and books – as well as lots of groovy YouTube content about the glorious history of the action figure. As with all such products, these are not going to be around forever so if you are interested – and why wouldn’t you be? – we suggest heading over to at the earliest opportunity.

Our only complaint is that the other Pussycat girls are (so far) missing from the collection, making recreations of the film’s iconic moments more of a challenge. But fingers crossed for the future…

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  1. Don’t want to sound weird or sleazy (….) but has it been rubber stamped for anatomical accuracy? It looks about right. I still have the inflatable (not life-size) caricature given away with Bizarre magazine many moons ago.
    But yes, a full set would be a dream – and at the very least a Haji figure would definitely make my Christmas list.

  2. If it looked more like the illustration and less like a trans Action Man I’d consider giving one a home.
    btw, remind me to trademark “TransAction Man”

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