Moana Pozzi’s Dance Hits

The musical stylings of Italy’s legendary adult movie icon return to vinyl.

One of the curious, fascinating, wonderful things about the legendary stars of Italy’s adult movie golden age is how these divas of erotica became bona fide celebrities in a way that their international rivals never quite managed – the political success of Cicciolina led to more political ambitions, and adult movie stars became TV mainstays, catwalk sensations and generally household names – even, in the case of Moana Pozzi, being seen as a secular saint and martyr.

They were also recording artists and singers, performing musical numbers during their outrageous nightclub acts or on erotic TV shows. Cicciolina was perhaps the most prolific of these singing sex symbols, but she was far from alone and now the Italo-Disco ‘hits’ of Saint Moana are returning to vinyl in a compilation 12-inch EP courtesy of Mondo Groove. 1989/90 recordings Supermacho (Extended), Bonita, Impulsi Di Sesso and Let’s Dance (not a cover of the David Bowie hit) make up the new release called Dance Hits, which will cost you considerably less than trying to buy the rare and collectible original releases.

Available from late July/early August – the date seems a touch vague – at your record retailer of choice, assuming of course that they are not neo-prudes who object to the cover art.

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