The Early Days Of Dita Von Teese

The classic fetish magazine of the 1990s presents a new book featuring the iconic model and performer.

We don’t cover many Kickstarter projects on The Reprobate because, well, if you start where do you stop? But every so often, a project comes along that we can’t resist. And when you combine pioneering fetish magazine <<O>> and Dita Von Teese, who are we to resist?

Peter Czernich’s magazines <<O>> and Marquis were at the forefront of fetish culture in the 1990s, when the whole scene was exploding, having a more honest approach to kink and eroticism than some of their rivals like Skin Two. Among the models that Czernich featured in his magazines was Dita Von Teese, then just another fetish performer long before the neo-burlesque and fashionable fetish world made her a bona fide celebrity. Notably, Dita has also been happy to embrace to erotic aspects of her work, unlike some of the other modern burlesque performers who have tried – ludicrously – to pretend that what they do is not striptease.

Anyway – Czernich has a new book project, Dita Von Teese: The Early Shootings, which is what the title suggests – the photo shoots for his magazines featuring some of Dita’s first work. Lest you think that this is an exploitative cash-in, be assured that Dita is fully on board with this project and some of the more expensive options include signed prints by her.

Now, did I say expensive? Well, yes, this isn’t cheap even in the most basic option – the book without extras will cost you €60 and it increases from there. But that’s only the same as the average Taschen book these days.

You can see the various options here:

And we’ll hopefully be delving further into the world of Czernich and his fetish history at a later point.

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