Juli Ashton In Cannes

The icon of Nineties adult cinema visits the film festival and hangs out with Sgt Kabukiman.

As the Cannes Film Festival – the event that these days increasingly attracts everybody who is nobody, each of them very keen to let you know on social media that they are there and so awfully important – grinds to an end, here’s a look back to when it was more fun – if only because it also played host to the adult film industry’s own event that invariably bled over into the main festival (which had rather snobbishly and prudishly banished adult movies some years before). From The Reprobate‘s VHS archive of nonsense – and with the source show sadly lost in time, though no doubt someone out there will be able to tell us – is a video diary of mid-1990s porn icon Juli Ashton as she meets her fans and hangs out with the Troma crew. Caution for the easily distressed – Juli is not always fully clothed in this footage. Apologies for the inferior tape quality – this is, after all, from a tape that is three decades old and probably not a first-generation clip to begin with.

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