Scream Queens On The Word

The stars of American straight-to-video horror appear on the infamous Friday night Channel 4 show.

British Friday night TV series The Word remains one of the most notorious shows ever broadcast – a post-pub slice of irreverence and outrage-stoking from Channel 4 that mixed music, celebrity guests, rampant bad taste and some presenters who had no right to be appearing on television. Amongst the many highlights of the show – and we’ll hopefully be unearthing some more as our video digitising project continues – was this look at the world of the Scream Queen, the sort of novelty story that offered a mix of trash culture for the show to look down on (not that The Word had any right to look down on anything) and some gratuitous nudity to keep the viewers titillated. In this story, we meet Brinke Stevens, Julie Strain, Monique Gabrielle, Fred Olen Ray and the publisher of Femme Fatales magazine as Dani Behr explores the world of straight-to-video sex and violence. For those of you who are fans – and I’m assuming that that will be all of you – there won’t be much fresh insight delivered here, but it is nevertheless an amusing time capsule.

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