20 Years Of Domination: DomCon Celebrates Two Decades

America’s premier kink convention returns for its 20th anniversary.

On the list of cool events that we would like to check out one day, Los Angeles convention DomCon is right there, tempting us. The world’s biggest event celebrating domination, BDSM and all-round kink – or so we are told – turns 20 this year, which is quite something. In a world where sexual paranoia is ever-more rampant and erotic conventions are increasingly a thing of the past, it’s good to see this particularly niche event going from strength to strength.

The 20th-anniversary event takes place on May 17-21 at the Hilton LAX, 5711 West Century Blvd in Los Angeles and offers the usual mix of demonstrations, seminars, stalls selling all manner of fetish materials and the opportunity to mix with like-minded people and meet your peers or fantasy figures, including dominatrixes – of course – and fetish models, performers, photographers and kinksters of all sorts. It’s also a good place to learn about legal issues and best-practice information, which I imagine is very helpful – it’s not as though this sort of information is all that readily available for professionals or lifestyle fetishists.

I find myself missing events like London’s Erotica, once such a major part of the calendar that it spawned multiple imitators. Such events are now a distant memory, with efforts to revive them scuppered by venues refusing to host such events – how far we’ve travelled, entirely in the wrong direction. I won’t hold my breath waiting on a British DomCon.

Those of you local or up for travelling to LA should note that volunteer spots are still available at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/462320461947 while sponsorship details, registration info, VIP packages, internet membership, the DomCon app, and much more can be found at https://DomConLA.com.

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