Eurovision Madness: Blood And Glitter

Germany takes the industrial metal route to hopeful Eurovision success in 2023.

Germany has not had a great time of it at Eurovision in recent years – by which I mean the last few decades – so it was probably time to try something new. Actually, the Germans have been trying something – anything – new for ages, from earnest ballads to anonymous Euro disco to novelty songs, all without success. This year, it’s a pounding metal track from Lord of the Lost. Well, metal bands have had more success than you might expect at Eurovision, winning the damn thing twice with Lordi and Maneskin, so you never know. But honestly, this feels a bit of a limp affair, all over the place stylistically from a band who have been around since 2009 but have the look of something thrown together specifically for the contest. It’s second-division metal by any standard.

Then again, Blood and Glitter has the right sense of visual spectacle and anthemic ambition that might just see it through. The British jury, made up as it is of pop has-beens (or, more accurately, never-weres) who tend to tut disapprovingly at anything that steps outside the Eurovision establishment, will probably award nil points and awful, sneering host Graham Norton will be po-faced and aghast, but you can never write this sort of thing off entirely.

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