Salvation Awaits – A Newspaper From The Man Behind Redemption Films

Nigel Wingrove’s new publication brings back the glory days of the transgressive press.

Much like your Reprobate Press editor, Nigel Wingrove is a man who is unable to resist the siren call of print media, no matter how difficult physical publishing has become these days. Over the years, Nigel has been responsible for numerous magazines and books, amongst them the iconic and influential Redeemer back in the 1990s – when transgressive publishing was all the rage – Rule Satanica and the original version of The Art of the Nasty. Now, he’s back with the impressively oversized Salvation, a tabloid-format publication that very much follows the obsessions of those earlier publications.

It probably follows your obsessions too. We feel safe saying that if you are reading this site, you’ll probably be into much – if not all – of what is in here. Apart from your editor’s piece on Jean Rollin, you’ll find pieces on French artistic extremism, punk band Lady Rage, subversive art and feisty fashion, Tristan Risk, the dangers of the Online Safety Bill and lots of book reviews – all of which seems the sort of thing that would and should run, frankly.

The debut issue comes with two alternate covers, both featuring Rollin films. The 24-page magazine – or newspaper? – is £10, which might sound steep, but we did mention that it’s a tabloid format, right? In fact, it seems to be an oversized tabloid format – it’s bigger than an Evening Standard, which is the only thing we have to compare it to, and so is probably the equivalent of well over 50 regular magazine pages (it’s quite the thing to wrestle with as you go from page to page). In any case, indie print is a rare and collectable commodity these days and we should hardly be quibbling about costs. But if it does feel a tad steep for your means, you can always check out the online version via

I always enjoyed Nigel’s older magazines, which had just the right combination of art, subversion, sensation and excess. This new publication feels like a worthy successor to those earlier titles and we heartily recommend it.

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  1. I’m glad to hear a new magazine is coming out. I modelled for Nigel back in the day including for the Redeemer and a poster together with Eileen, apart from being a very likeable person I was very impressed with the lengths Nigel would go to realize his vision, he went the extra mile creatively.

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