The Reprobate Movie Night: The Flesh Eaters

A new, semi-regular collection of obscure cult classics to enjoy in their entirety kicks off with this 1960s splattery shocker.

A quick note for regular readers who might be wondering where we are at the moment. A combination of ill health and outside work has rather bitten into our schedule this week and made it difficult to post new content. Rest assured that this is a temporary blip – you don’t get rid of us that easily. Normal service will be resumed shortly.

But we feel bad about not bringing you anything for the last few days, so here is the 1962 proto-gore Jack Curtis masterpiece The Flesh Eaters to watch in all its glory. If you haven’t seen this, you’re in for a rare treat; if you have, you’ll need no further encouragement to watch it again. Sadly, you’ll have to find your own instant blood but we can’t bring you everything.

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  1. I wasn’t “sterilized with fear”, but I suppose massively entertained is the next best thing.

  2. Coincidentally, I watched this only last week, due to it having the only screenplay by veteran comics writer Arnold Drake, creator of Deadman and Doom Patrol for DC, co-creator (with artist Gene Colan) of Marvel’s original Guardians of the Galaxy.

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