Hollyweird! Movie Stars At Halloween

The golden age of spooky seasonal Hollywood publicity shoots.

Halloween, like Christmas and Easter, was for many years a chance for the rich and famous to show that they are just like us, enjoying the spooky season with costumes and carefully planned photo shoots, not to mention the more glamorous female celebrities and pin-ups taking the opportunity to add a new twist to their portfolio of press images. Like much of Hollywood and general celebrity culture, it has all fallen apart in recent years – while some celebs still engage in Halloween parties, it now seems to be about crassly emphasising their elite status and showing off with fancy and attention-grabbing costumes that have clearly been created by on-staff stylists and hired-in creators. There’s no fun to be had from any of that.

The classic era of movie stars celebrating Halloween might have been just as contrived, but it feels like a lot more delicious – if only because there really was glamour at that time. Here, then, is a selection of images of classic movie stars – and wannabe movie stars – enjoying the pleasures of All Hallow’s Eve.

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    1. I’ve seen several sources claiming that it is, indeed, Jimmy. But who knows for sure apart from the claims of Vampira, which we may or may not take as gospel? I very much hope that it is.

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