No Business Like Big Business: Classic Motion Picture Trade Ads

Movies are not just advertised to the general public; film producers and distributors also promote their wares to each other as well as cinemas and international companies looking for exciting new product. Sometimes, the ads are to attract potential business partners to a stand at Cannes or the American Film Market, sometimes they are just to boast about the (unexpected) success of a current release. Whatever the reason, these ads are even more fascinating than the public-facing film posters and ad mats that we are familiar with. Here is a small (as, as ever, continually growing)  collection of classic ads from the pages of Variety, Kine Weekly and other magazines aimed at the movie industry.

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  1. An absolutely thrilling collection, thank you. I guess ‘Hero’ with Chuck Norris was later retitled with the more punchy ‘The Hero and The Terror’? Tony Balch booked films for the Jacey (unless I am mistaken), and ‘Sex And the Vampire’ and ‘Diary Of A Half-Virgin’ sound typical of his retitlings (e.g. the Alain Delon film ‘Traitement de choc’ became ‘Doctor In The Nude’, and so on).

    1. You are almost certainly right about Hero; and correct about Balch, who we’ve done minor coverage on before (his films with Burroughs) but who deserves a full article some time. His retitling was notoriously fantastic.

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