The Variety Films Catalogue

A Eurotrash sales brochure featuring spectacular artwork for less-than-spectacular films.

Fans of disposable ephemera – and that’s most of you, I know – will be thrilled to know that we have finally paid an overdue visit to the Reprobate storage unit and have retrieved all manner of curious material to share with you over the coming weeks and months. First up is a rather fabulous  – or ‘fabulouse’, to quote the catalogue blurb – brochure from Variety Films of Rome, one of the great distributors of Italian exploitation cinema at film markets like Cannes and the AFM. Video labels looking to fill out their catalogues with cheap but impressively packaged action, horror and softcore titles could be sure of finding plenty worth picking up from companies like Variety. In fact, if you ever rented classic Italian exploitation movies on VHS back in the day, the chances are that it was sold to the video label by Variety. If the films never quite lived up to the poster artwork, well… never mind.

The company is still going strong and carries new titles – most recently the atrocious Anthropophagous 2 – alongside the old classics. If you were wondering where Severin Films is getting its seemingly endless supply of Bruno Mattei films from, here is your answer. This particular brochure is undated but is circa 1990.

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