The Lightweight Fetish Thrills Of Priest’s Nightcrawler

The promise of ‘S&M delights’ in the new video from the synth-poppers turns out to be all mouth and leather trousers.

The hype for the new – ahem – ‘cinematic’ video for Nightcrawler, the new track from Ghost offshoot band Priest, is invariably beyond anything that the actual clip can deliver. We’re promised “leather-clad eroticism, S&M delights and ecstasy-inducing drugs”, which sounds reasonably tempting until you notice that the video is hosted on YouTube, where such things are generally forbidden.

And indeed, this is all very tame stuff. The ‘cinematic’ aspect is rather exaggerated and the leather-clad BDSM consists of a somewhat under-populated club where not very much seems to be happening. A mystery driver arrives, knocks at the door to gain entrance – not, perhaps, the darkly mysterious arrival that the video believes it to be – and is then given a pill that looks like a suppository. There’s a bit of spikey leather licking and that’s your lot.

There is, of course, a limit to what you can do in four minutes. But the press release for this goes all-out in trying to make it sound like the new Smack Your Bitch Up and that’s a challenge that the video just can’t rise to.

More to the point though, any sense of unrestrained depravity is ultimately lost thanks to a song that is rather insipid synth-pop – ‘darkwave’ that has forgotten to be dark. Well done on the membership of Priest for not simply copying the sound of Ghost, but this track is lacking the required sense of darkness and decadence that the video is going for.

But anyway, don’t take our word for it. Here’s the video for you to find out for yourself.

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