Gratuitously Sexy Tech Advertising Of the Past

The valiant attempt by advertisers to make dull and functional tech seem like something that will boost your sex appeal.

As part of our thorough and ongoing examination of the way sex has been used to sell everything over the years, here’s a quick and grubby dive into the world of tech – not, in itself, all that sensual unless that is the sort of thing that turns you on (as, indeed, it is for many people). But there is nothing that can’t be made more attractive by the inclusion of scantily clad women, mild innuendo and the suggestion that this swinging bachelor lifestyle could be your if only you purchased the right brand of hard drive.

As ever, much of this advertising has been finger-wagged out of existence – though you’ll still find the odd company willing to go back to the old ways and then issue the predictable apology for their sexist ignorance later.

And as usual, we’re going for the ‘sexy’ rather than ‘sexist’ here. Fans of outrageously offensive sexism should stay tuned though, as we’re building quite the collection of bad taste advertising to unleash on you at a later date.

Note: thanks to Todd Proebsting for additional Mostek images.

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