Carol Ohmart And The Pin Up Girls Of Russell Patterson

A cute 1950s examination of the world of the pin-up artist.

The art of the pin-up is one that has been almost lost these days – other than the nostalgia crowd, most people want to see photos of their favourite glamour girls and are less interested in the tease than the strip. But back in the 1950s, the illustrated pin-up was still hugely popular and artist Russell Patterson was one of the main artists producing images of scantily-clad young ladies. Unlike more famous contemporaries like Gil Everson, Patterson has not had a lasting success but in the early Fifties was famous enough to be the subject of this short documentary film that takes a very serious (or not) look at his work. This involves following him through the entire process of the pin-up procedure, which doesn’t seem to involve much more than drawing and making the occasional visit to a model agency. Among the models featured here is Carol Ohmart, in this film seen as just another hopeful model but within a few years an actress with a string of impressive appearances in cult classics behind her – you’ll know her as Vincent Price‘s wife in The House on Haunted Hill and one of the greedy heirs in Spider Baby, and she also appears in The Wild Party, The Scavengers and Wild Youth.

This is a charmingly kitsch little film, as much about the tease as the subjects of Patterson’s work. Enjoy!

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