The Reprobate Video Interview: Sarah Appleton Talks Found Footage And Beyond

Found Footage, modern horror and 1970s British sleaze are explored in our latest video interview.

In the latest Reprobate video interview, Sarah Appleton chats to your editor about her documentary The Found Footage Phenomenon, which is about to premiere on Shudder. Also under discussion are her forthcoming films about 21st Century horror cinema,1970s renegade filmmaker David Hamilton Grant and the highs and lows of shooting Blu-ray extras.

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  1. Excellent interview. Sarah comes across as a genuine individual and fan, the kind of unpretentious person we need more of in the world of documenting film history. And one sticking up for a newer generation of horror films/subgenres.
    Also, well done for calling out the hypocrisy of a certain well known film critic. It’s always struck me as strange that the ‘age’ of a film can not only seemingly diminish its supposedly dangerous nature but also imbue it with a sense of artistry that then makes it worth sticking up for. Looking forward to seeing lots of people suddenly declare ‘Hostel’ as meritorious 25 years down the line.

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