1. That self-help book for budding authors by Brian Collins is something of an ‘homage’ to the early covers of Mario Puzo’s ‘The Godfather’.

  1. Remember when a book cover could display a person covered in blood, or semi naked, or sometimes both?
    I blame Penguin for introducing a style that desperately screamed Respectable and Serious.
    There are too many new books coming through each year that are identikit in their philosophy, their writing style and their covers.
    Used to be a time when it would be a coin toss as to which would attract you to a book more – the provocative nature of the cover or of the work contained within.
    Now what do we get? ‘Better Small Talk’ and ‘The Joy of Work’. Ughh! Kill me now.
    Maybe burning books isn’t such a bad idea after all.

  2. Wonder if part of this is the increasing share of Kindle sales — the need to be able to find the book on the “carousel” on the device without remembering what the illustration might have been. I know I have that problem looking for albums sometimes on my media server’s interface, when I’m confronted with a wall of completely type-free covers.

    1. Oddly, I like – or liked – albums that went for absolute minimalism, from Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd to New Order. The less writing on the cover the better. But now it seems digital album art is often, as you say, a random image of the act in question – less an artistic statement and more lazy packaging for a generation that don’t have actual packages.

  3. Oh, the big print-free graphics on a 12″ are great, but the impact’s just so different at 1″ (and the legibility issue once it’s home is more about the spine than the face).

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