Reprobate Podcast 2.0: Chris Cooke Talks Indie Filmmaking

Our new regular video series begins with a lengthy chat with the director of the newly re-released One for the Road.

It’s been a while, but the Reprobate Podcast is back. Sort of. We’ve now made the jump to a shiny new video format – isn’t modern technology amazing? We’ll be publishing regular videos, from interviews to reviews to commentary and absolute nonsense – so essentially, all the things you love about The Reprobate already, in a spanking new audio-visual format.

We begin with a chat with old chum Chris Cooke, who talks in-depth about his film One for the Road, first released in 2003 and newly issued by Indicator on a Blu-ray that might be the most extra-packed you’ll ever see. We discuss the film, the thriving Nottingham indie movie scene of the turn of the century and the way DV allowed new talent to bypass the industry gatekeepers – at least for a little while. It’s a good hour of drinking and chatting.

Audio Only version:

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