Marc Blackie’s Inevitable Silence

A new kink noir video study of sleeplessness and sexual madness from the bad boy of erotic art photography.

Our favourite modern underground erotic filmmaker Marc Blackie is back with a new short film that looks like an impressive reinvention of the form. While a lot of modern erotic shorts seem to be too obsessed with box-ticking to remember to actually be, well, erotic, Blackie’s moody, fetishistic, gothic porn-noir seems to be suitable subversive and edgy while still having both an artistic and erotic charge.

Shot under ‘difficult’ circumstances across 2020 and 2021 – given that those two years were complete difficult circumstances in themselves, you can probably imagine the problems faced – the film saw Blackie travelling the country to do intimate shoots with the ten individual performers, who include porn stars and fetish models like Sophie Anderson, Xenia Black, Lexi Doll and Sweet Severine. With a narrative that is driven by insomnia,  sleep hypnosis and sleep deprivation delirium, the film explores individual erotic vignettes that range from the sensual to the unhinged.

So far, we’ve only seen the trailer – and you can do likewise below – but are looking forward to catching the full movie. The trailer does not feature anything explicit but things being as they are, we should nevertheless warn the more delicate who have somehow stumbled upon this post and come this far that yes, it might be a bit challenging for the easily and determinedly offended.

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