Conspiranoia: Primus Go Down The Rabbit Hole

Primus takes a deep dive into the delirious world of modern conspiracy theory in the band’s new track.

“An open mind too open spills its contents on the ground.”

We don’t often cover new music here on The Reprobate but a new track from Primus – the band’s first in five years – is always going to get our attention. And when it is a twelve-minute study and mockery of conspiracy theory run rampant – always a cause of deep fascination ’round these parts – then we’re definitely interested.

The splendidly-titled Conspiranoia (and you can be sure we’ll be using that term on a regular basis from now on) digs deep into most of the current conspiracy theories that the internet is awash with, though in just twelve minutes there is barely time to even scratch the surface. But aside from the witty and biting content, the track is genuinely enthralling with a funky, infectious singalong chorus, prog-driven guitar breaks and bad trip psychedelia that is matched by the hallucinogenic visuals of the video. It’s all rather magnificent.

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  1. “Jewish…space…lasers.”
    Primus are the logical successors to Zappa.

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