The Reprobate Top(less) Tens Of 2021

As 2021 staggers to an end, we look back on what’s been hot with Reprobate readers during the last year.

Is it that time already? Why, 2021 has just flown by! As we bunker down for another year of social unrest, mass insanity and general awfulness, the time has come to look back at just what the world has been reading on The Reprobate. In terms of 2021-published articles, it’s a mixed bag; as for older features, it’s very much business as usual. As ever, it seems that sex (and censorship) sells – even if we’ve been unexpectedly (and certainly not deliberately) less fleshy this year. We’ve also been a bit less political – again, not by choice. One interesting aspect in looking back over the year is seeing how the site has organically changed and twisted over the last twelve months. It’ll be interesting to see what the next year has in store.

As we have sometimes pointed out, the very uncensored nature of The Reprobate means that we are rather restricted in how we monetise the site and so keep it going. We rely on you, dear reader, to keep this site going and growing. If you’ve enjoyed what we do over the last year and want to show you appreciation, please consider tipping us with a virtual beer/coffee/stimulant of choice or even becoming a monthly supporter. We’re about to rejig our subscription services for 2022 to make them more efficient and attractive – details coming in the next week – but every little counts and helps The Reprobate develop and expand. We have big plans for the next year (again, details soon) and every bit of help we get in pushing over the top is welcome.

It just remains for us to say: Happy New Year to all our readers. May 2022 bring you everything you deserve.

The Top Ten New Articles of 2021

Black Bart – The Buried TV Sequel to Blazing Saddles
Kill the Cat – the Awful Influence of the World’s Worst Writing Guide
Reframing Hollywood: the Moral Superiority of Finding Everything Problematic
Gestapo’s Last Orgy is Still Too Outrageous for Britain’s Censors
Sarah Brand’s Musical Fantasies
Last Straw Dogs on the Left: the Inconsistencies and Double Standards of the BBFC
Naked Witches and Sexy Satanists: the Erotic Occult Magazine Explosion
Hot Gossip’s Naughty Bits
The Naked Charity Calendars of 2022
The Rise and Fall of Debbie Linden

The Top Ten Heritage Articles of 2021

Naked Rock Stars
The Mayfair Magazine Cover Gallery
The Naked Charity Calendars of 2021
A Parade of Sixties Glamour
Liverpool Library Press – The World’s Most Outrageous Erotic Fiction Publishers
The Forgotten World of the British Softcore Video
Janie Jones, London in the Raw and the Topless Dress Craze of 1964
The Sleazy World of the True Detective Magazine
Hotter Than Hell: The X-Rated Kiss Photo Shoots
Doctor Who Goes X-Rated

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