Tiffany Goes Goth With Jyrki 69

Goth meets pop meets New Romantic – it’s like the 1980s never ended.

Here’s a curious collaboration that you might not have seen coming. Finnish uber-goth Jyrki 69 – frontman for 69 Eyes, who I’m assured are a big deal in such circles – has teamed up with 1980s pop icon, one-time Playboy celebrity centrefold and star of Megapython vs. Gatoroid, Tiffany for a cover version of the Human League’s Don’t You Want Me. The results are… interesting… and perhaps not as far removed from the original song as you might initially expect (because let’s face it, the Human League always had a whiff of the gothic about them underneath the New Romantic gloss). In fact, the song is probably too close to the original version to have value – carbon-copy covers are rarely interesting, no matter how desperate-for-attention the duet might be.

Anyway, check it out for yourselves.

Jyrki 69’s forthcoming album American Vampire is a mix of similarly unlikely cover versions – including Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit and GG Allin‘s Bite It You Scum! – and original tracks featuring gothic collaborators like Rosetta Stone and Leæther Strip, and for those of you intrigued, it can be pre-ordered here.

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