The Smutty Network

The launch of a new adult entertainment streaming service, creator platform and social network.

As more and more platforms become increasingly unfriendly to adult entertainment of any sort, so the need for stand-alone dedicated platforms seems ever more important. In the wake of the OnlyFans ban on adult entertainment (and the subsequent backing down that we should not complacently think is permanent), several platforms have touted themselves as alternatives – and the latest to come along is The Smutty Network. is an existing adult entertainment social network that I’ll admit had slipped our notice until now and seems to be an alternative to the more censored platforms out there. We haven’t explored it yet and so I have no idea if it is a welcoming and friendly place or a collective of lunatic deplorables like so many other alternative social networks – though you would rather hope not, saying as the far-right lunatic fringe that makes up Gab and the like really, really hate porn and are hardly likely to sign up here.

Just launched yesterday is, a subscription-based adult streaming platform that promises to form strong relationships with production studios (not, presumably, the ones that already have their own platforms) and says that it will go beyond just porn, into documentaries, comedy and other forms of 18+ entertainment. That sounds like the sort of crossover content that we’ve long advocated, so we’re intrigued to see how it develops.

And then there’s, which seems to be the OnlyFans alternative for individual creators. Given the uncertainty of the long-term future of OnlyFans, it makes sense to us that creators should diversify their content platforms – just in case. Even if you feel that one platform is secure, there probably isn’t any harm in spreading your content around other outlets – it can only increase exposure after all. Obviously, we have no experience with Smuttyfans and, of course, would suggest that you do your research before signing up with anyone.

Nevertheless, it’s always good to see someone coming up with new outlets to help people avoid the moral knee-jerking of existing platforms. We wish the Smutty Network all the best and will hopefully be able to bring you more detailed content coverage along the way.

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