The Naked Charity Calendars Of 2022

The now-annual Reprobate guide to the nude fundraisers for the coming year.

In what is now seemingly an annual Reprobate tradition, we’ve been scouring the internet for naked charity calendars – the good, the bad and the eccentric, all featuring exhibitionists (of a sort) looking to raise money for charity (mostly cancer charities – there’s definitely a hierarchy when it comes to ‘worthy causes’).

The Naked Charity Calendar seems something immune to moral changes – though notably, some charities have refused to accept money from these calendars, especially those featuring more professional glamour models. As ever, we would suggest that if a charity can afford to turn down donations out of sniffy morality, then they probably don’t need your money and you should direct your support elsewhere.

As ever, these calendars feature men and women of all ages and sizes – they are nothing if not diverse in their content. Clearly, the intention with most is not to be erotic – in fact, it’s the absolute lack of any hint of sexuality that makes these socially acceptable with people who might otherwise tut with disapproval at people undressing in public.

Obviously, this selection – as extensive as it is – is probably just the tip of the iceberg. We will, of course, add in any more that come our way before the start of 2022 – feel free to forward details if you discover/create something not included here.


Australian Firefighters
Not exactly nude, but clearly designed to appeal to the Mills & Boon reader. This comes in three variations, hedging bets by offering versions that also feature cuddly animals and a ‘firefighter and cat’ combo.

The Cambridge Blues Calendar
Something of an annual tradition, this, with the sporty students of Cambridge stripping off to raise money for Jimmy’s Cambridge, Teenage Cancer Trust, Student Minds and Rainforest Trust.

The Carlisle Cougars Calendar
Female rugby team the Carlisle Cougars have undressed to raise money for… erm… themselves. Well, it’s still a fundraiser I guess.

The Doncaster Brewery and Tap Calendar
Staff and customers of the Yorkshire pub have stripped off to raise funds for cancer charity Firefly. Bonus Sid James Laugh points for featuring beers from the Udders Brewery. Details on the pub’s Facebook page:

The Foxy Riders Calendar
Naked horse riders raising money for Air Ambulance charities, and available in arty black and white or lustful colour, depending on your tastes.

Glasgow Marrow
Student sports teams from Glasgow bare their bottoms for the Anthony Nolan blood cancer charity.

Groomers Laid Bare
That’s dog groomers, in case there was any doubt. Raising money for mental health and cancer charities.

The Ladies of Sibbertoft
A ‘tastefully nude’ calendar inspired by prosecco and featuring the women of Sibbertoft, which – on the off-chance you don’t know – is a village near Market Harborough. Raising money for cancer charities.

Murdoch Veterinary Students Unscrubbed
Naked vets are a constant in the nude calendar world, and here Australian students strip off to raise money for the charity Rural Aid.

The Naked Farmers Calendar
As before, this is available in two versions – with ‘farmers’ and ‘lady farmers’. Raising money for Farms for City Children.

The Naked Farmer (Australia)
The subject of books as well as calendars, the Australian Naked farmer project raises both money for and awareness of mental health.

The Naked Huntress
Women from the hunting, shooting and fishing community. Well, it takes all sorts I suppose. Raising money for cancer research.

The Naked Rugby Players
A self-explanatory calendar raising money for cancer charities.

Pilots Without Pants
Gentlemen of a certain age posing with their antique aircraft. Well, it’s certainly original. Proceeds go towards a scholarship for an aviation student from a low-income family.

The Pink Calendar
In what seems an unlikely combination, breast cancer charity The Pink Ribbon Foundation has teamed with vacuum cleaner manufacturer Sebo for a nude calendar.

The Texas Cavers Calendar
Seemingly a bit more upfront with actual nudity than most calendars of this sort, the Texas Cavers calendar raises money for the Texas Cave Management Association.


UK Calendar Girls
Sitting somewhere between the amateur fundraiser and the professional glamour calendar, this one – though as it is still raising money for charity, we’ll give it a pass and include it here.

Vets Uncovered
The ongoing mission of vets to strip off and raise money – this year for Drought Angels – remains as vital as ever.

Women of Waynesville
A group of women supporting the local community in Haywood County, North Carolina. With nakedness.

Worldwide Roar 2022
Naked male athletes raising money for inclusivity charity Sports Allies.

In the absence, yet again, of a Reprobate Naked Calendar this year, feel free to help keep us going through the next year in the more traditional way via the links below.

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