The World’s Greatest Double Bills

A collection of irresistible movie pairings from the glory days of cinema.

We’ve already brought you a selection of the most unlikely and absurd double bills ever to play British movie palaces, so it’s only fair that we now bring you some of the most inspired pairings from the golden age of British cinema – you know, the time when you could see two feature films for the price of one. Some of the below might still seem to be odd pairings at first glance – but who could look at the posters for these double bills and not want to run to the box office shouting “take my money now!”?

We’ve avoided pairings of films from the same series or the ones made specifically to go out on double bills together – and we’ve only included a few softcore sex film doubles because all of those were fantastic visual feasts and perhaps we’ll come back to that particular subject at another time.

As ever, we encourage additional suggestions.


  1. It’s not very good but I’m surprised the 70s Spider-Man has never made it to DVD or Blu-ray

  2. A couple of my favourite double bills from the 70’s would have to be Blood Sisters ( Sisters..the DePalma film) and The Beast Must Die and the bizarre pairing of It’s Alive and Badlands. But there are many more…I was a projectionist in the 70’s,so pretty much saw everything that came down the pike,working for Classic Cinemas. The Funhouse and My Bloody Valentine was another cracker…

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