Bill McClintock, Vank Walen And Your Jumpin’ Heart

The mash-up king brings us his most unexpectedly brilliant and bizarre musical collision to date with Van Halen and Hank Williams.

We’ve said it before and will probably say it again – there’s a skill involved in the fine art of the mash-up that requires more than simply the ability to jam two disparate songs together, and few people have that skill more than Bill McClintock. His latest creation might be his most extraordinary collision so far as he mixes Hank Williams’  Your Cheatin’ Heart with Van Halen’s  Jump, and creates something that is a work of genius. It’s not just the fact that the song created might well be better than either original or that they blend in such a magnificently absurd way. It’s also the way the absolute lazy nonsense of the Jump lyrics is left stripped and exposed and the way the Van Halen video and David Lee Roth’s preening antics now look utterly absurd (okay, Roth probably looked absurd in the original version, but this one really ramps it up). Yet somehow, the ‘dance moves’ – if we can call them that – of the band don’t seem at all out of place.

Be warned – this will mess with your self of reality and take you places that there is no coming back from. It’s a trip well worth taking.

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