X-Rated Beer From Jacquie And Michel

The French adult producers lend their name to a couple of blonde beers.

We’ve had plenty of beers brewed in collaboration with rock bands, but – at the risk of being immediately proven wrong – I suspect that the blonde beers from Jacquie and Michel are the first to be connected to a porno studio. That there isn’t a Private or Hustler beer (again – happy to be proven wrong) seems a terrible oversight in retrospect.

Jacquie and Michel, for those not in the know, is a French multimedia adult entertainment conglomerate that does everything from X-rated movies to sex toys, shops, VOD platforms and a multitude of websites. And now it has a couple of beers, perhaps a touch unimaginatively titled Jacquie & Michel Biere and Biere Blonde.

If the name is a touch ordinary and the label unexpectedly understated, the description certainly makes up for it:

Solely dressed in her golden robe, the sparkling blonde is ready to hop on your table. Overflowing with a bittersweet citrus taste, she craves thirsty barley enthusiasts; her sheer, refreshing lightness makes her the perfect partner for a hot and tender night.

Quite. In Britain, where the beer censors sit quivering and ready to pounce on any suggestion that drinking might in any way enhance your sex life, Twitter warriors shame any pump clip art or suggestive beer name deemed as sexist, attention-hungry beer writers patrol festivals in search of ‘offensive’ T-shirts and the entire craft beer industry is currently undergoing a thorough #metooing, the idea of a beer connected – however subtlely or remotely – with porn producers seems unthinkable. Vive La France!

The beer is currently availably exclusively through French retailers V&B, though plans are afoot for wider distribution. We hope to be able to sample it ourselves at some point.

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