Sarah Brand’s Musical Fantasies

The once heard, never forgotten recorded works of the unique singer and video producer.

Regular Reprobate readers will be aware that we have a fascination with the sort of musicians that a blinkered and unimaginative record industry has overlooked but who are driven by blind ambition to unleash their extraordinary works onto an unsuspecting public. With that in mind, we cautiously bring you the recorded works of Sarah Brand.

According to her own biography, Sarah Brand hails from Malibu, though is currently based in Oxford, UK, where she is studying for a Masters of Science in Sociology – which I guess will give her something to fall back on should the music career somehow fail to take off. I write primarily pop music infused with sociological introspection spanning topics such as religious hypocrisy, inequality, and romance” she claims, which certainly sounds dramatic stuff. “My mission is to write socially conscious music to promote compassion and introspection through different perspectives in musical and visual content”, she continues, and at this point, the more cynical reader – which, this being The Reprobate, is probably most of you – will already be smacking their lips in anticipation of something very special. Well, buckle in – you’re probably still not ready for this.

Without further ado, here is the video for Red Dress, which Ms Brand directed, choreographed, edited and produced as well as writing and performing the song – a veritable creative polymath, you might be thinking. Well, hold that thought.

I think you’ll agree that Ms Brand is, indeed, a unique talent. Given that we live in a world where autotune and heavy production has made everything interchangeable and anonymous, Red Dress is a startlingly daring affair from the get-go, and lest you think that this is just a one-off, here’s another track called Fantasy:

I think we can say  – and perhaps hope – that Sarah Brand is a rare talent, the sort of thing you don’t come across every day. Excitingly, she has a full album called EyEs in the works, which includes song titles like American Gap Rap, Cr@zy and – perhaps in anticipation of how it will be received – The Critics Lie. We can’t wait!

Thanks to fellow music connoisseur David McGillivray for sharing this with us.

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  1. She seems perfectly happy in her world, so more power to her. Maybe this will be the start of a new pop subgenre – ‘Truetone’ anyone?
    Please somebody nominate her for the next Bond theme tune…

  2. I was alerted to this by Stephen Thrower, who writes, “Imagine that video shoot taking place, with the song playing for synch purposes, and no one saying anything about her tuning issues! Perhaps they did, and she’s utterly convinced that everyone is wrong?”

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