Peepodoo And The Super Fuck Friends

The weirdest and most outrageously scatological tolerance-promoting cartoon series for adults that you are ever likely to see.

For those who aren’t as familiar with the business side of the adult entertainment industry as me, I feel I should preface this with a bit of background because it does seem contextually relevant.

First, let’s talk about Gamma. They’re one of the largest companies in the world that very few people have heard of before. They manage the online infrastructure of several of the world’s biggest names in adult entertainment, including Evil Angel, Zero Tolerance, and most recently, Diabolic.

Like their competitors, Mindgeek, Gamma has adopted the strategy of buying up the competition and trying to ruin them for some reason. For example, Gamma’s most recent acquisition is the former stomping ground of Jenna Jameson and Stormy Daniels, Wicked Pictures, and so far they’ve done away with Wicked’s long-running condom-only rule and don’t seem to be that interested in producing the story-based feature films that Wicked is renowned for. Eh, whatever. They never produced enough lesbian content anyway. Twats.

Gamma’s flagship product is AdultTime, a site launched about two years ago in which Gamma combined their Girlsway, 21 Sextury, Devil’s Film, Pure Taboo, Fantasy Massage, and later Burning Angel brands into one unwieldy place. Gamma’s grand vision for AT was to create the ‘Netflix of Porn’, a one-stop portal for all that’s great (or mediocre) in the world of adult entertainment, available via streaming devices such as Roku and Android TV.

However, Gamma seems to have had a crisis of conscience over the years, likely not helped by accusations of sexual assault against two of their mainstay directors, Stills by Alan (now calling himself Alan X) and Craven Moorehead. Both directors deny the allegations against them, and let’s face it, if everyone and their mother can make an allegation against James Deen and he’s still working, nothing is ever likely to come of it. Nonetheless, both directors no longer work with Gamma.

Still, Gamma has made a concerted effort to clean up its act, and appeal to a more socially conscious, progressive, dare I say it, even ‘woke’ audience. Their long-running brand ‘Tranny Pros’, producers of such high-class entertainment as Transsexual Prostitutes and Tranny Glory Hole Surprise has been renamed to the more politically correct, Devil’s T-Girls—which even then, doesn’t seem that politically correct. They’ve even lambasted their own users for using the un-PC terminology that their website is laden with.

Gamma has also taken to self-censorship, shooting scenes and then banning them themselves for the inclusion of a wine glass or similar, lest anyone suggest that their performers were not able to give consent. Their ‘Pure Taboo’ series has gone out of its way to shed the ‘taboo’ aspect, now simply shooting average films with a peculiar ‘noir’ tint. Yes, that’ll do it.

It has been a rather weird mix of haphazard social consciousness combined with truly bizarre editorial decisions that must be costing them money. For example, all of Stills by Alan and Craven Moorehead’s films remain on the site, as do the films featuring greasy sentient jelly baby and alleged sex criminal, Ron Jeremy. Meanwhile, everybody’s favourite conspiracy theorist porn star, Mercedes Carrera, has been largely purged from Gamma properties while she rots in a prison awaiting a continually postponed pre-trial date for the sexual abuse charges against her. Some Carrera films do remain, in fairness, but only those that are part of a longer narrative. So even then, narrative integrity outweighs social sensibilities.

Perhaps the best example of Gamma’s pro-PC outlook was when they bought Vivid, the producers of a number of bang average 90s and 00s porn movies, the exclusive home of Briana Banks for a while, and the licensees of almost every celebrity sex tape during that time. Gamma set about cutting and censoring the Vivid back catalogue with such vigour that a BBFC censor would pass out from too much blood remaining in one area for too long.

Weirdly, Gamma hasn’t applied the same fervour to its European properties such as 21 Sextury. Under the 21 Sextreme brand, one can still find its lesbian wrestling videos where the loser simply has to give it up (think a tame version of the Ultimate Surrender series), and Sextreme’s series The Camp and Broken Down, the former about a concentration camp for women, and the latter which could best be described as a hardcore Straight Deliverance, remain on the website. Uh-huh.

It’s in this world of half-arsed social progressiveness that we find the subject of today’s ramblings – Peepodoo and the Super Fuck Friends. Yes, you see, as well as peddling their own smut, Gamma hit upon an idea—get other brands onboard with AdultTime. Non-Gamma studios can put up a selection of their own content, in the hope that people who have proven they’re willing to pay for their porn will then spend money on somebody else’s. It’s not entirely a bad idea, though it does result in some foolishness.

For example, Gamma put up videos from Dutch studio Club Seventeen and immediately caused panic amongst its users who didn’t realise that the ‘Seventeen’ bit in the name was not their performers’ age. It was once, and Club Seventeen are owned by the same parent company that owns the Color Climax back catalogue, who also famously dabbled in the market of underage smut for a time, but nowadays everything is back on the legal level. Incidentally, Club Seventeen recently renamed themselves Club Sweethearts, perhaps finally realising that a decades-old brand name that makes them look like nonces isn’t worth clinging on to now.

In this ‘partner studio’ territory, we find a cartoon series called Peepodoo and the Super Fuck Friends. Produced by a group calling themselves ‘Blackpill’, according to AT the series “explores sexuality without taboos and in all its forms, including dicks and nipples. A positive sexuality, that is unrestrained and totally ignores prejudices, culminating into one single message: tolerance.”

Okay, that doesn’t sound too bad. It’s still weird that a place where people go for some eye candy to choke their chicken or flick their bean to would decide it was the appropriate place for a cartoon series preaching contemporary notions of tolerance, but who am I to judge?

Possessing an AdultTime subscription because I like lesbian porn and they’ve got a lot of it, and out of sheer morbid curiosity, I watched it. All of it. What, and I cannot stress this enough, the fuck?

I’m not sure what species of animal Peepodoo is supposed to be. I do know he sounds like a pre-pubescent child though, which makes the events that happen to him frankly creepy. Peepodoo is supported by a polar bear called Kevin, who later realises they’re trans and changes their name to Evelyn. There’s a sweary Ox-man called Truffalo, and a furry’s wet dream called Professor (sometimes Doctor) Pussycat.

Episodes largely adhere to a format derived from children’s educational cartoons. There is an initial problem, such as Truffalo’s prejudice to foreigners in Episode 3, which is then resolved through exposure and greater understanding, such as Peepodoo’s German pen-pal pig showing up and organising a party which results in piss-drinking and shit-eating which Truffalo thinks is “fucking awesome” and thus all his prejudices have vanished. Just to point out, that according to Gamma’s own production guidelines, as well as US obscenity laws, piss and shit eating is very much a no-no.

It’s hard to know what to think, and at times, Alejandro Jodorowsky movies make more sense than this thing. I can’t even decide whether this is supposed to be a mockery of modern progressiveness and AT simply didn’t get the joke when they put it up there, or whether the makers genuinely believe the batshit absurdity they’re peddling.

In Episode One, we deal with a rabbit who has been shoving vegetables up his arse, and when Peepodoo questions why, he’s subjected to a non-consensual prostate stimulation by Doctor Pussycat. Later in the same episode, the rabbit’s rectum has been perforated by a carrot, leading to an emergency douching and a torrent of shit and vegetables flying across the screen.

Episode Two deals with Peepodoo getting stuck up an elephant’s fun zone, again resulting in an emergency sexualised procedure to make the elephant squirt while Peepodoo’s chums watch and masturbate. While everyone seems okay with this, and the ending scene shows Pussycat continuing to fingerblast the elephant long after the situation has resolved, what message is this supposed to be conveying?

In another episode, Peepodoo’s granddad can’t get it up, shows him some pictures of their BDSM-loving past—because of course, you’d show your grandson photos of you fucking his grandma—and is on the verge of suicide until Doctor Pussycat (who must just be stalking Peepodoo) arrives to diagnose that granddad is drinking too much grapefruit juice that is interfering with his viagra. Problem resolved and the episode ends with the granddad jackhammering his missus until he spaffs his load all over his grandson. Tasteful!

There’s an episode where everyone starts to shave all their hair/fur off and go completely nuts from infections, an episode where Peepodoo is lured into a glory hole and expected to suck a half dozen dicks by some pervy frog. Another is a two-part real-crime parody where that same pervy frog, mistaken for Santa Claus, has his balls cut off. Then we’ve got an episode where Truffalo is forced to use his imagination while having a wank. Or where Peepadoo falls in love with some poetic creature, has gay sex, but then it turns out the creature is banging all of the other animals in the forest and he’s heartbroken.

While ostensibly the series does seem to be promoting sex-positive messages such as body positivity, responsibility, and respect, too often it also seems to be promoting outright creepy weirdness and dipshittery as acceptable behaviour. When Doctor Pussycat is trying and failing to get two pandas to fuck, even going as far as to try and wank them both off herself, Truffalo and Kevin just acquire some random shit online that functions as an aphrodisiac. So what’s the point here? That buying random drugs online to enhance your sex life is a good idea?

Perhaps the biggest question is, who exactly is the target audience for this? Several episodes take on an educational aspect, with diagrams about how periods work, how to stimulate women, how to stimulate the prostate and a two-part season finale about priapism. However, the gross-out factor coupled with the frequent profanity, explicitness, the fact it is on AdultTime, and every other fucking thing suggests this isn’t aimed at teenagers who’d benefit from that information. Instead, it very much appears to be aimed at an adult audience who would have to be truly fucking hopeless to gain any insight from it.

There is a complete lack of subtlety in many of the show’s messages. In one episode, Peepodoo, Kevin and Truffalo are turned into literal dicks after being caught spying on a bathing witch fox (again, a furry wet dream if ever there was one), so of course, they have to learn not to be dicks in order to regain their true form. Cue plenty of messages about the patriarchy. The peculiar thing about that particular episode is its critical use of “they were asking for it” lines when a group of Amazonians molest the dick-formed characters, which is at odds with the number of times this series has uncritically depicted clearly non-consensual sexual behaviour.

I don’t know—maybe pig shit pretzels, piss bukkakes, castration, murder, and fucked up Japanese video games are the perfect framing devices for a scientific explanation of the chemical processes behind feelings of love and jealousy, or the insightful how-to’s on pleasuring your ass. Maybe tolerance can be promoted through perforated rectums, prolapsing, blood pissing, unrequested anal fingering and watching your grandparents doing it doggy style. Maybe an upbeat happy musical number about genital herpes, syphilis and HIV, will somehow help people figure out how to avoid them, and be more understanding of those with them. I can’t say I’m convinced, though.

Peepodoo and the Super Fuck Friends is the type of bizarre ‘educational’ nonsense that could only possibly educate the type of person that the rest of us will want to avoid. That it is so at odds with Gamma’s own production rules and stated values just makes its inclusion on their flagship platform all the more bizarre. Is it a joke that I’m not getting? Is it serious? Is it parody? Is it just some silly piece of fun that a studio has managed to convince one of the largest adult companies in the world to put on their platform?

While I can say there are some genuinely humorous moments, largely, this series could serve as the definition of the question ‘What the actual fuck?’.


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