Are You Ready For An Elevated Coffee Experience – From A Pod?

‘Coffee and lifestyle brand’ BEAR want coffee experts who like their drink made with a Nespresso.

While it has not been a particular subject of discussion on The Reprobate, we are big fans of coffee here, having our daily fix of impressive single-origin roasted beans from our favourite local Amoret that are carefully ground and brewed to ensure a solid start to the day. While it might be a bit of a stretch to call us coffee snobs, we do like the real thing done properly.

So forgive us for raising an eyebrow at the mention of an “elevated coffee experience”. In our experience, ‘elevated’ anything tends to mean ‘pompous bollocks for people who don’t actually like the thing in question’, be that thing horror cinema or metal music. But that’s just us. We think the coffee experience is fine just the way it is.

The company offering this elevation is BEAR, which describes itself as “an independent coffee and lifestyle brand”  – yes, quite. We can perhaps put all this down to marketing speak from PR people, and should not judge the business simply on soundbites – but bloody hell. Anyway, BEAR has five branches in the Midlands and Cheshire, and are now reaching out for national distribution with a range of coffee pods for Nespresso machines featuring their three single-origin roasts. They will be available by subscription and are 100% compostable. With every box sold, a tree is planted somewhere or other – the press release doesn’t say where.

Now, we have no time for coffee pods personally, but those of you who do use the damnable things might be interested in BEAR’s promotional competition to find – and I once again quote – ‘Britain’s Best Coffee Tasters’. A cynic might comment that such a person is probably not using a Nespresso machine to begin with but never mind – if you fancy winning a Discovery Pack of thirty pods, you can submit your email address at – no proof of expertise required apparently, and all entries get 10% off their first order. Chop chop though – the closing date is June 28th 2021.

For all our mockery, if you are going to use a Nespresso, then BEAR’s coffee pods seem a better option than most alternatives. We’ll be sticking with the real thing though.

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