Stairway To Hell: The Chick Publications Catalogue Of 1993

Mail order salvation, as promised by America’s most delirious fundamentalist publisher.

We’ve written about Jack Chick and his relentless fundamentalist Christian campaign of damnation against anyone who wasn’t a God-fearing Protestant before, but of course, he is the gift that keeps on giving.

As previously discussed, in 1993 I found myself making contact with Penfold Book and Bible House, then the UK distributor of all things Chick and the notorious Jeremiah Films (of whom more soon). My interest was in just how much material Jeremiah had released and how I could find out more about it; in return, I received a bundle of material that only vaguely answered my questions, including assorted Chick tracts (including This Was Your Life, their best-seller and seemingly the template for all Chick’s thinking – stray from the path of good Christian worship and you’ll be going to Hell, so repent while you can), his mean-spirited ‘newspaper’ Battle Cry and assorted flyers offering everything from electronic Bibles – a snip at £149.95 – to Bible marking pens and a string of delirious sounding books, often with a conspiratorial edge exposing the evils of Catholics, Muslims, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Wiccans and assorted New Age types.

Also included was the current Chick catalogue, listing all his publications – not just the glorious collection of tracts, but full-size comic books and paperbacks exposing the dangers of rock music, Masonry and evolution. It is, as you might expect, a wild ride that includes testimonials by clearly damaged people and a touching story of how Chick browbeat a work colleague away from Mormonism and back onto the path of righteousness.

Here, for your delectation, is the whole catalogue. If you are tempted by Chick Tracts – and who wouldn’t be? – we suggest contacting The Reprobate, as we have a stock of the legendary Dark Dungeons and the splendidly apocalyptic The Beast, which we will sell you for a reasonable price. We can’t guarantee salvation, but you will be supporting this site, and that has to count for something on Judgement Day, right?

And as a special bonus, here – from the same package of goodies – is a leaflet advertising some alternative tracts from Christian Equippers and Life Messengers that look a little less demented than Chick’s work, but still push the Christian hard sell onto people who are not interested.

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