Kristel Bechara’s Psychomachia

An impressive new exhibition of work at London’s Eclectic gallery.

On now and for the next ten days – so no hanging around – at London’s Eclectic Gallery, and showing as part of a group exhibition called Spotting the Darkness is the collective work Psychomachia by Dubai-based artist Kristel Bechara. or at least part of it. The exhibition features seven of the 21 pieces from the project, which mixes photography, painting and print-making to twist the familiar into something new.

Inspired by the piece of the same name by 5th-century poet Prudentius, the work sets out to “reflect the artist’s interpretation of the stages experienced throughout 2020 while exploring the battle between good and evil and the grey areas in between. Each painting is an invitation of self-introspection and discovery through Kristel’s signature style of contrasting and communicative colours.” Well – the nuances of that might be a bit lost on us as mere viewers, but we know what we like – and we’re definitely impressed by the visual contrasts and reconstruction of the mythological into the modern and the prosaic into the fantastical featured here. To quote the artist herself:

This collection is quite close to my heart as it was borne in the midst of the global pandemic and expresses the variety of emotions that I felt as an artist, a woman, a mother and on behalf of humanity. Each piece will resonate in some way to someone and I look forward to sharing the story with them.

Siren – acrylic on canvas, 100 x 150cm

Bechara has also been something of a pioneer in the odd world of the NFT, selling ten pieces – or at least the digital representation of them – since March. NFTs seem like the sort of King’s new Clothes idea that will crash and burn once people cotton onto the madness of it all, but until then – or, indeed, if it becomes an established and legitimate form of ownership – why not cash in? If we could sell NFT editions of our publications, you can be sure that we would. You can explore more here.

Viewing at the gallery is 11am – 7pm weekdays, and weekends by appointment. More details here:

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