Devils In The Flesh

A World of Demonic Dolls, Baphomet Burlesque and Satanic Smut.

Burlesque, striptease, nude modelling and glamour girls have always been seen by the religious and the moralising as the very epitome of sin – sent by Satan to tempt men to stray from the path of righteousness with their enticing poses and provocative dances. Is it any wonder, then, that so many performers and models have positively embraced the occult as a theme?

Whether it is the surprisingly large number of dancers who worked with inanimate dummies and puppets as Devilish male dance partners (sometimes with spectacular effect in shows that would be hailed as high art if not connected to sex) or the models who hyped themselves as Satan’s Mistresses, the embracing of the diabolic is an admirable reaction to the prudes and a gleeful celebration of the sinful pleasures of erotic performance and decadent nightlife, and one that continues to this day – Modern-day Brides of Satan feel free to volunteer yourself for addition to this gallery.

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