Coughs And Sneezes Spread Diseases – A Collection Of Vintage Hygiene Films

A collection of vintage hygiene films that now seem more relevant than ever.

As Covid-19 runs ever more rampant, with new variants that spread more quickly and are more virulent, perhaps we need new ad campaigns for those self-absorbed characters that we see wandering the allegedly locked down streets, shoulder to shoulder with their friends and strangers alike, shouting, window-licking and generally ignoring any advice on stopping the spread because they know best and it’s all overblown and everyone else’s fault and why should they be even slightly inconvenienced for the sake of others. Or perhaps we need old ones. Oh, how we used to laugh at the old public service hygiene films of the past – those silly people of yesteryear, needing to be told how to do the basics like washing their hands, disposing of filthy handkerchiefs and generally being clean and tidy. That laughter seems hollow now, though no doubt there were people even then who insisted that hankies didn’t work and were a violation of the human rights handed down in the Magna Carta.

Anyway, here are some old educational films showing the importance of not infecting everyone around you with your filthy viral loads. They seem oddly more effective than current government information films.

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