G-Eyefuls – Korean War Glamour Girls

A selection of sexy pin-ups helping to hot up the Cold War in the 1950s.

War is hell, and for those sent to fight it, any sort of relief is welcome. That must have been especially true in the Korean War, which came along with barely a pause for breath after World War 2, and was the first hot salvo of the Cold War that would rumble on for the next forty years.

For soldiers serving in a war that made little sense beyond political muscle-flexing, any escape from the daily reality was good, and so the 1951 book G-Eyefuls must have been very welcome. A saucy selection of glamour photos with ‘witty’ captions, this was raunchy stuff for the time and now seems a charmingly innocent collection of cheesecake images.

Here’s the entire thing for you to enjoy.

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