Sandy Samuel’s Sado Music

An ahead of its time slice of kinky Euro Disco for submissive listeners from 1980.

In 1980, at the height of the Italo-disco scene, Italian label Blitz issued a single by Sandy Samuel – her only recording, and not a chart hit. But (I Like) Sado-Music is a fascinating – if rather trashy – hymn to BDSM that probably deserves more attention than it has had. Even a 2017 re-release on twelve-inch doesn’t seem to have really brought it to the attention of fetish club DJs, caught up as most are in the ageing grip of house music.

The track, a mildly funky affair, certainly gets into the verbal kink, with Sandy as the Venus in Furs-inspired mistress demanding to whip you (“I know you want to be hit”), instructing you to “lick my long black boots” and issuing more sexually provocative instructions that are unfortunately buried within both the audio mix and a heavy Italian accent. Still, this was no doubt provocative enough stuff to ensure that a UK and US release was unlikely.

the song unfortunately preceded the rise of the sort of club where this might have been a playlist shoo-in by a few years – Skin Two didn’t launch as a club until 1983 and the fetish club explosion was still a decade or more away. A pity, as Sandy would surely have gone down a storm if she’d made a live appearance. Instead, ahead of its time, the record came and went unnoticed.

Sandy Samuel was an Italian porn star of little reputation, who made some twenty-seven films in the first half of the 1980s, as well as having small parts in a couple of Bruno Mattei films, including zombie-nun epic The Other Hell.

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