The Reprobate Top(less) Tens Of 2020

What was hot on The Reprobate in 2020? You can probably guess.

As the most interesting year in living memory – about which we might have more to say in the next couple of days – crawls to a halt, it seems a good time to look back at just what you, the faithful Reprobate reader, have been enjoyed the most this year. By which, we mean which articles have been the most read – how much you enjoyed them personally is a private matter. But here are the Top Ten pieces published this year by views, followed by the Top Ten older articles that have still found a sizeable audience. Maybe there will be things here that you’ve missed – if so, now’s the chance to catch up!

You’ll be unsurprised to discover that sex still sells, at least in the world of The Reprobate, where there seems to be an insatiable desire for naked girls from the 1980s. Make of that what you will.

The Top New Articles Published in 2020:

  1. Janie Jones, London in the Raw and the Topless Dress Craze of 1964
  2. The Sleazy World of the True Detective Magazine
  3. Love Camp 7 Remains the Benchmark for Unacceptable Cinema in 2020
  4. Depraved and Corrupting: The Complete Video Nasties
  5. Scream Queens and Exploitation Movie Glamour Girls
  6. Classic Albums Revisited: Toyah’s Sheep Farming in Barnet
  7. The Horrors of Dave Allen
  8. The Wretched World of El Duce and The Mentors
  9. The Egyptian Wonders of Salma al-Shimi vs the Morally Outraged
  10. Vape and Pillage: Entertainments for Modern Vikings

The Top Ten Older Articles Read in 2020:

  1. The Mayfair Magazine Cover Gallery
  2. Naked Rock Stars
  3. The Forgotten World of the British Softcore Video
  4. Liverpool Library Press – The World’s Most Outrageous Erotic Publishers
  5. A Parade of Sixties Glamour
  6. Doctor Who Goes X-Rated
  7. Hotter Than Hell: The X-rated Kiss Photo Shoots
  8. Super Super Europe: Remembering Striptease Game Show Tutti Frutti
  9. Educating Julie: a 1960s Nudist Film Made in 1984
  10. Centrefold: Sexy Dutch Europoppets from the 1980s

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