Have Yourself A Demonic Little Christmas With Sutures


Devilish Christmas decorations, alternative fashion accessories and stitches with attitude.

As a sneak preview of coming millinery, mask and maleficent projects, Reprobate colleagues Sutures are offering Christmas goodies to decorate your tree or yourself. Suitable for festive decoration, upmarket battle jacket addition, fancy badges or enhancement for just about any item of clothing, the new range of fashionable and occultist decor – hand-crafted with fancy bullion embroidery – is a subtle but striking way of standing out from the hoi polloi.

But these also make great Christmas tree enhancements, as we found ourselves when playing around with the truly gorgeous Depero Devil – the very definition of 1920s decadence and Satanic sinfulness. The bullion reflects Christmas lights beautifully and it looks as though it was made for Christmas decor. Who needs Santa when you can have Satan instead?

And for those of you less occult-minded, how about the lips that positively scream glam rock and Rocky Horror debauchery? OK, so there’s nowhere to go right now, but eventually, you’ll be out and about again (we hope!) and what better way to show your inner deviant off than with these glossy, pouting kissers?

It should go without saying that these are several steps above your average patch in terms of fanciness – it might not be gold bullion, but it’s still a bit more expensive than cotton and of course, the cost of these limited editions reflects that – but bearing that in mind, they are actually pretty reasonable.  The maleficarious flames come in two sizes, at £30 and £15 accordingly, the Devil is £30 and the lips £15 (postage extra on each) – and if you sign up early enough, you’ll get the ‘going to Hell in Sutres’ lifetime discount – essentially a membership that sees you through all future products.

As Sutures is a fresh launch – really getting up and running in 2021 – you’ll have to go through the Instagram page to directly order via PayPal: www.instagram.com/hautesuture/ – if that proves problematic, let us know and we can put you in touch.

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